Optex Bx 100 Plus Picture 165Px

Product Details

The Boundary Guard BX-100 plus has been designed to protect the immediate perimeter of buildings. In the past windows and roll-up doors have been secured by magnetic contacts or glass break detectors. Boundary Guard protects a building’s exterior by detecting intruders before entry is attempted and can also provide a deterrent with a sounder before the break-in occurs.

Easy Alignment tool

The BX-100 PLUS includes a Visual and Audible indicator which means no vertical adjustment is necessary. For easy alignment a sounder activates, so if the sensor is miss aligned a LED light will flash. Once the sensor is aligned, the sensor will automatically switch off the sounder, making the alignment process quick and easy. An added advantage of an audible Alignment/Alarm indicator is that it in can be used used as a deterrent to intruders. This option can be turned on or off with a switch inside the detector.

Reduced chances of false alarms

Environmental disturbances such as fog are considered worst enemies for many beam detectors in the market, this is why OPTEX has considered this a high priority to build a security solution that provides an ultimate barrier to false alarms. The BX-100 PLUS can block up to a maximum of 99 percent beam blockage, caused by various weather conditions.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • Easy Alignment wit visual and audible Indicator
  • Light reduction filter
  • Max 99% beam blockage
  • Attractive slender design allows to harmonize with any type of architechture