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Product Details

Part of The EchoPoint™ series, the EP9301 short range Distributed Acoustic System (DAS) offer the most advanced intrusion detection solution for sites with a perimeter of up to 10km. With cutting-edge fiber optic sensing EchoPoint™ sensors can alert of a genuine intrusion and provide, point locating detection for any sized site.

They have versatile mounting options including underground, fence mounted or a combination of both to suit the individual needs of every site. Stay one step ahead of intruders and keep your site secure with EchoPoint™ DAS - the ultimate solution for reliable intrusion detection.

Precise Point Location

The EP9301 utilises intelligent detection algorithms to accurately pinpoint the location of an intrusion of +/- 6m in a shorter range up to 10km. The point location is helped by virtual zoning which is set up to divide the system in multiple defined detection areas which can be customised in size, starting from 10 meters. This highly accurate and reliable detection make the sensors ideal for securing large perimeters and high-risk security sites where being able to locate and identify the precise point of intrusion is critical.

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Ease of use & Reliability

EchoPoint™ sensors are designed with both ease of use and high reliability in mind. We've made sure that it is simple to install, tune and manage with a user-friendly interface that is straightforward to use, making the whole system a breeze to operate. It's highly automated and troubleshooting can easily be done on or off-site, giving you more options. The EchoPoint EP9301 is extremely reliable as it includes measures to prevent system failure and improve security. When the system is in a loop configuration, it notifies of any attempts to cut wires, which is especially useful when in a fence application as it ensures that malicious activity and tampering are detected and prevented. The anti-system redundancy measures ensure that in the event of a processor failure, the second processor would automatically take over to make sure the system remains operational.

Versatile applications and mounting

One of the key advantages of the EchoPoint™ is its versatility and various mounting options which make it suitable for any site, especially those that require a hybrid approach. The EchoPoint can be buried underground to detect intruders approaching through the vibrations their movements create on the ground. Alternatively, it can be mounted on fences or walls to detect anyone attempting to climb over or under, or a combination of both can be created for the ultimate custom detection field. The EchoPoint is a great solution for complex security sites such as critical infrastructures, data centers, airports, military areas, railways, data conduits, oil pipes and many more.

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Easy integration

The EchoPoint™ system can pass zone alarms to video management systems (VMS) via XML/TCP/IP and/or optional relay I/O contact modules.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • 10km detection range
  • Fence mounted, buried or hybrid
  • Software zoning
  • +/- 6m point location