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Product Details

The FD348R alarm processing unit (APU) is a remote sensing system that provides maximum protection against intrusion, while offering superior tamper prevention features and tools to eliminate nuisance alarms.

A high-performance intrusion detection system installed with the FD348R enables remote sensing capabilities up to 20 kilometers away from where the APU is located. This rack-mounted APU offers additional features, such as XML integration via TCP/IP and recording of multiple alarm conditions.

The FD348R's unique multi-zone protection which includes a combination of fence and wall zones. Each FD348R is calibrated independently and set for optimal detection sensitivity levels. The FD348R provides zone coverage up to five kilometers with individual settings to ensure that the FD348R screens out sensor signals from non-threatening events, such as wind or wildlife, while focusing on alarm signal events caused by genuine intruders.

Remote CommunicationProven reliability
The IP/XML option configures the FD348R APU with an RJ-45 connector, in order to provide TCP/IP connectivity with your business network. This option enables the APU to send and receive commands while receiving detection information live, with real-time data to remote monitoring stations. Zone coverage and intrusion detection flexibility is enhanced by up to eight FD348R APU’s per RK348 unit. The FD348R series Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides users with an intrusion detection system that is immune to the effects of EMI, lightning, magnetic fields and radio frequency transmissions; with enhanced DSP capabilities to filter out sensor cable signals from nuisance events such as wind, weather and small animals. Made in the USA, the FD348R ensures maximum system performance, reliability and high-security. The FD348R uses an insensitive lead-in cable and a sensing cable that detects movement and vibration.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Stores data from up to 24 alarms
  • APU to sensing cable 20 km (12.4 miles)
  • Maximum Zone Length 5 km