Optex Lx402 Lx802 Picture

Product Details

The robust and weatherproof LX 802 detector, purpose built expressly to offer protection for numerous outdoor applications. LX-802 provides superior protection, with high reliability against water and insects which is required as the most important performance for outdoor use detector. The Ingenious interior design simplifies wiring and makes for tighter sealing. As well as having an intelligent interior design, the attractive outer design can match residential decor. The Patented double conductive shielding can resist more than 50,000 lux of sunlight, eliminating false alarms from light sources.

Selectable Detection PatternsEasy Wiring
The Lx-802 includes the ability to adjust selectable detection patterns to best match the site layout. Multi-level or Pet Alley detection patterns can be selected by sliding the printed circuit board and flipping the mirror. Changing the vertical detection area allows the detector to match the site conditions.
The LX-802 has two wiring holes, allowing smooth wiring with one wire per hole, and enabling easy installation. In addition to the simplified wiring process, use of the supplied weatherproof sponge makes for tighter sealing than with conventional products.


  • Perimeter
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • Garden
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • Selectable detection patterns (multi/ pet alley)
  • Selectable Sensitivity
  • Selectable Pulse Count
  • Day & Night functionality