Optex Redwall Sip 3020 4010 404 Ip Picture

Product Details

The SIP-404-IP is an outdoor, middle-range, IP infrared sensor which is POE compliant and can integrate seamlessly with major Video Management Systems (VMS) providers. The SIP-4010-IP cover a detection area of respectively 40x4m (LXW), providing two independent sensitivity selectors for near and far areas. The sensor is specifically designed to trigger outdoor IP CCTV systems where high performance is required; and for making visual verification for remote video monitoring, easier and more accurate.

The SIP-404-IP features an intelligent detection system that uses data from the ambient environment such as temperature and illuminance to automatically adjust the sensitivity and minimise false alarms. The PIR motion sensor is also equipped with anti-masking and anti-rotation features to detect vandalism and tampering.

Enhancing IP CCTV systemsWeather and vandal-resistantVMS integration
Event-triggered CCTV systems need to rely on accurate and genuine detection. Although most IP cameras provide video motion detection, using this detection method alone can prove challenging in outdoor environment where there are constant changes in lighting and weather conditions, and as a result these conditions can create potential false alarms. The SIP-4010-IP-BOX will detect motion whatever the lighting/weather conditions and will track the intruder across its two independent detection zones - far and near zones- and trigger the relevant camera presets to visually follow the intruder. REDWALL SIP PIRs are designed to be used in harsh outdoor environment, their sensitivity are adjusted automatically to the ambient temperature and illuminance, they feature an IP65 rating for the main unit. The SIP series is vandal-resistantant all SIP products are built with polycarbonate housing, featuring an accelerometer to detect whether or not the sensor position has been tampered with.The REDWALL SIP-IP-BOX series generates a unique alarm event code (REC) which communicates a number of events including detection, tamper and environmental status to the IP cameras, DVR and VMS platforms that have integrated the code. The list of VMS plaforms that have already integrated our event code includes all the key players in the VMS market and is constantly growing.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Garden
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • Intelligent PIR detection system
  • Can be Integrated with most VMS platforms
  • Two independent detection zones far/near
  • Active infrared antimasking and vandal-resistant


Once the Redwall SIP unit is mounted on the wall or a pole, ideally at a height of 4m – or at least above 2.3m, the View Finder should be plugged onto the sensor using the two holes to secure it. The correct viewing plate should be inserted – each SIP model has a corresponding viewing plate. Looking through the plate, the sensor should be adjusted to ensure that it is grounded at the maximum detection distance. For instance, for a SIP-3020, the sensor should be grounded (not directed towards the sky) at 30m. Additionally, it is best to avoid having the detection area right at the edge of the security area, rather it is best practice to leave 1m either side. If the detection area is 20m wide, it is better to centre the view at 11m from the edge on either side. If required, masking sticks can be used to mask part of the detection area. Watch our video tutorial

The detection will be less accurate. Ensure that the SIP is not installed higher than the recommended height which is 4m.


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