Optex Beam Tower Picture 165Px

Product Details

Concealing active infrared beams in towers increases the security and flexibility of perimeter protection systems. OPTEX Dual and Quad IR beams can be mounted directly on walls or poles, however by installing them in towers, it makes them less obvious. The number and height of the fitted beams becomes unknown to the potential intruders, enhancing this way the security level.

Additionally, the options to mount lighting or a fixed camera in a special housing on top of the towers allows a complete security system to blend nicely into its environment.

The TW100 provides 360° unobstructed view for the beams, enabling back to back installation to cover a whole perimeter.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • 0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/3m heights available
  • Mounted at any height/direction in the tower
  • Anti-tamper and full fixing kit supplied
  • Suitable for wired, IP and wireless models