Optex wxs 250x150

Product Details

Part of the Shield family, the WXS series is OPTEX's latest 180° outdoor intrusion detection sensors with flexible range detection and settings, as well as a selectable low (0.8 - 1.2m) or high mount (2m) option and self-learning IR digital anti-masking. Ideal as approach or flat roof protection for residential and commercial premises, the sensor is equipped with the Shield advanced features including double conductive shielding to avoid false alarms triggered by bright sunlight or RFI, and automatic walk test. WXS-AM is the hard-wired model.

Flexible mounting heightTwo independent left / right detection areasDetection analysis and pet tolerance
The WXS outdoor intrusion sensors can be installed at a low mount providing a flexible detection area from 2.5 to 12m. It can also be mounted at 2.0m high, creating a volumetric detection area with 9m detection range. This option can be effective to avoid vandalism or masking of lens.In low mount configuration, the WXS intrusion detection sensors feature two completely independent 90 degrees detection areas (left and right), that can be set at different detection distance, sensitivity and trigger independent alarm outputs which is very useful for PTZ activation.The WX Shield outdoor intruder sensors are designed to be pet and animal tolerant which means it will not trigger if cats, dogs, birds are in the detection area making it very stable. Additionally they feature OPTEX Super Multi-dimensional Analyis (SMDA) which can rule out environemental changes such as vegetaion sway, shadow etc making the sensor very reliable.


  • Buildings
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • House
  • Garden
  • Garage

Key Features

  • up to 12m, 180 degree outdoor PIR with anti-masking
  • 4 PIR providing left/ right double layered detection for pet tolerance
  • Selectable low (0.8m-1.2m) or high (2m) mount
  • Independent left/ right detection areas and alarm outputs - ideal for CCTV


Power up the sensor as normal and close the cover. When the cover is on, an automatic walk-test function is enabled. After 3 minutes, the sensor will flash quickly for 5 seconds to indicate that the walk test is going to expire.


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