OPTEX Akribos people counter for occupancy control

The Akribos sensor uses 3D modelling and state-of-the-art, patented image recognition technology to accurately report real-time the volume of people entering and exiting a particular building, from retail stores to office buildings, transport hubs, public facilities, exhibitions centres and any other indoor venues.

Integrated with third party analytics software, the data gathered by the sensor can be used to create key-performance reports, dashboards and visual displays to control occupancy levels. The analytics and people traffic reporting can also help retailers manage their staff and product placement better.

Akribos counting lines

Software integrations to manage social distancing

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we manage and control the numbers and access of people into and out of our shops and offices, or indeed any building open to the public. Our Akribos real time people counting solution is an efficient and accurate way to control the situation. The counting sensor now has the ability to have the MQTT protocol embedded, which allows the people count to be immediately transmitted to the integrated occupancy software platform and gives an exact picture on how many people are in the shop, room or a specific area. Our technology partners - the Spanish company Vaelsys and the UK companies IA Connect and Xenometric – integrate our Akribos people counter and MQTT protocol together with their own software platforms to provide a workable solution.

More information on the efficient solutions to enforce social distancing can be found in our technology partner pages on the right.

Social distancing and real time occupancy level

Key features of Akribos

    • Real time multi-directional traffic count (in/out – left/ right/straight)
    • Indoor up to 65 people traffic management
    • More than 97% accuracy and ability to ignore trolleys
    • Tracks complicated movements (people standing still, stopping, turning back, crowds)

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