Accurance 3D: tailgating and piggybacking detection

What is Accurance 3D?

OPTEX’s Accurance 3D is a piggybacking and tailgating detection system designed and developed to add an extra layer of security to any new or existing access control system using a 2 door airlock to secure a high risk area or building. When used in an airlock, Accurance 3D will analyse the area secured between two access control doors and will identify the number of individuals standing in the area i.e.: one person present, more than one person present or suspicious event. It will communicate directly to the access control system via relay outputs and will send an access granted signal only if one person is present. If more than one person or a suspicious event is detected, it will then send an access denied signal to the access control system.

Which technology does it use?
The Accurance 3D system comprises of a set of infrared LED illuminators and a camera which uses “time of flight” technology to measure the phase time for the infrared light emitted to reflect from the floor back to the camera. The Cameras sensor provides X, Y and Z coordinates which are processed by the imaging software embedded in the control box. This enables to map all encountered objects in 3D (topo­graphic 3D data) and allows to identify objects in real time in a specific area.

The system generates its own light source and therefore does not depend on lighting conditions; it will work in the dark and will not be impacted by glare or reflection. The topographic 3D data generated by Time Of Flight (TOF) ensures high accuracy of detection.