Security solutions to enhance access control systems

OPTEX offers a range of solutions that bring an additional layer of security to access control systems, including a tailgating detection solution that detects whether more than one person is trying to access the secured area, a solution that detects people walking in the wrong direction, and award-winning LiDAR technology to detect and prevent intrusions via turnstiles or skylights.

Protect intellectual property and employee safety

The security of a site can be compromised if an unauthorised person enters a secured zone, either forced or accidental, and could lead to a loss of proprietary hardware, loss of intellectual property and a risk to staff safety. Security professionals understand it is critical to have in place an access control system, but there are instances where the access control could not detect and prevent an unauthorised intrusion, for instance if an authorised person is followed by an unauthorised one or if an individual goes into the secured area through a non-entry door. These scenarios and many other benefit of access security solutions that can accurately detect and instantly alert of unauthorised intrusion attempts via any access points into the secured area.

Optex datacentre isometrics access security

OPTEX Access Security Solutions

Tailgating detection with OV-102

In datacentres, laboratories and any applications where an unauthorised person could follow an authorised one without even being noticed. An anti-tailgating system would alert security and deter the attempted intrusion, preventing access to the secured area. Equipped with human tracking technology and direction-determining capability the OV-102 solution is able to detect when more than one person is trying to access a secured area, either forced or accidentally.

Reverse detection with Accurance R1002

In airports, and other applications where single way needs to be enforced it is critical to spot the person walking in the reverse direction. The reverse detection solution is suitable for a range of applications, to alert of suspicious individuals when one-way people flow is in place for security reasons and for an efficient facility management or safety reasons. Users can choose necessary functions, such as detection of persons moving in a given direction, detection of persons staying in a specific area, and multidirectional measurements to grasp traffic flow.

Turnstile and ceiling protection with LiDAR technology

Our REDSCAN LiDARs can be connected to an access control system to detect a person going through a turnstile without swiping his/her access card. REDSCAN RLS-2020I creates a detection area that cannot be easily provided by other sensors or video based detection systems, securing the access points with virtual wall (vertical mode) or virtual ceiling (horizontal mode), this last one perfectly suited for skylights. The discreet design and custom-paint option enables it to blend very well into any indoor environment.