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Product Details

Product discontinued for retrofit applications. For automatic door manufacturers looking at integrating tailgating detection as part of their system, please visit our Secured Entry Sensor.

Accurance 3D is a tailgating detection system designed for high security two door interlocks. It adds a layer of security to the access control system by ensuring single occupancy inside the interlock.

The security provided by an access control system is compromised if an authorised person is followed by an unauthorised one. Tailgating can lead to asset and intellectual property loss and risk to employee safety. Accurance 3D has been designed to analyse the airlock area and detect if more than one person is present.

Accurance 3D system comprises a control box and one sensor for unidirectional applications and two sensors for bi-directional applications. The sensor itself includes a set of infrared LED illuminators and a “time of flight” sensor.

How it works

Key Functions

  • Analyses the X, Y, Z coordinates for all encountered objects in the detection area
  • Topographic 3D data guarantees high accuracy rates
  • Multiple or suspicious occupancies will not be granted access.
  • Does not rely on any heat or light source
  • Not affected by reflection or glare
  • One control box can manage up to two sensors
  • Can be integrated to an access control system via relay outputs

Product Discontinued