Optex Ax Tn Tf Picture

Product Details

The AX-100TF is a 30m outdoor hardwired active infrared (AIR) beam set, designed to protect driveways, open areas and small perimeters. The dual beam set features four selectable channels making it easy to stack in beam towers. The AX-100TF can also be connected to an IP network when used in conjunction with the IP/POE module PIE-1.

Easy alignment Weather resistant
A perfect alignment between transmitter and receiver is key to optimise the operation of the active beams. To make the optical alignment easier, the AX-100TF features a LED alignment indicator. IP65 rated, the AX-100TF housing has been designed to resist against both water and dust. The hood featured on the front cover is to prevent frost from attaching to the cover and potentially affecting the signal power. The beam is also fitted with specific relay and absorber to protect it from lightning surges.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Hardwired dual beam set
  • Alignment LED
  • Stackable (channel selection)
  • Lightning protection