Optex Cdx Series Low Res Picture

Product Details

The CDX-DAM is a 15x15m , 85 degree indoor dual tech sensor featuring a dense optical configuration creating 82 individual detection zones. With an efficient digital QUAD zone logic, 4 or more zones must be crossed to generate an alarm, helping to create truly accurate and reliable detection. The CDX-DAM combines microwave and passive infrared technologies which provides great stability against light disturbances.

Active IR Digital Anti-Masking

Sharply-directed Microwave Technology

The CDX series uses AIR technology to detect masking. For a stable performance, the CDX series differentiate between true masking and other masking caused by environmental changes such as dust/dirt adhesion, temperature changes and direct light by optimizing it's sensitivity.

Conventional Microwave technology can emit an unwanted detection area. Sharply-directed Microwave Technology eliminates those areas by creating a detection area close to the PIR (passive Infrared).

The following table indicates the areas of intended use of the equipment and any known restrictions. For countries not included in this table, please consult the responsible Spectrum Management Agency.

Microwave emission power


10.525GHz (X5 version)

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

10.587GHz (X8 version)

France, Ireland, United Kingdom

13.700 GHzAustria, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Dual technologies (PIR/MW)
  • Digital AIR Anti-Masking (Grade 3)
  • Digital QUAD zone logic
  • Plug in EOL unit (option)