Optex Cx 702 Picture

Product Details

The CX-702 series features a dual purpose lens offering either a wide angle or a long range "curtain" type of detection to protect long corridors or narrow areas in office buildings, warehouses or manufacturing plants. The CX-702's double conductive shielding makes it very stable even in strong light conditions.

Multi-Focus Optics (Patent Listed)Temperature Compensation Circuit
The CX-702's highly accurate and reliable detection pattern maintains its sensitivity throughout the entire detection area, even in high temperature or low contrast environments. Multi-Focus Optics help create an extremely high vertical zone density, two or three times the size of conventional PIRs. These taller zones capture the entire body mass and enable detection of even the smallest temperature contrast against the temperature of the background. In addition, the vertical detection density has been improved to take into account dead zones created by furniture or partitions.The Temperature Compensation Circuit brings stable detection capability under high temperature conditions where the background temperature is similar to that of the human body. It maintains a high level of false alarm protection while providing accurate detection by automatically adjusting its sensitivity according to the environmental temperature.


  • Buildings
  • Roof / Ceiling

Key Features

  • Dual purpose lenses which offer wide and long range detection
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Multi focus technology
  • Dual purpose optics