Optex Fd332 White Backround 165Px Picture

Product Details

The FD322 is a fibre optic intrusion detection system designed for middle-sized fenced perimeters, detecting people climbing over or cutting through the fence. The perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) provides two detection zones of 250m each - (500m of sensing cable looped) and is designed to have the alarm processing unit mounted on the fence.

Extremely reliable detectionLow cost of ownership
The fibre optic technology developed by Fiber Sensys, an OPTEX group company, provides the highest level of detection reliability that is requested by critical infrastructure. Sophisticated algorithms distinguish between actual intruders and nuisance alarms that might be caused by the wind, wildlife or other environmental conditions making an ideal fence perimeter protection systems. Our fibre optic sensing cable in its UV resistant conduit is unaffected by corrosion, EMI and lightning strikes. The system, therefore, can sustain many years of harsh weather conditions making the cost of maintenance and ownership low.


  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Up to 500m of sensing cable per zone
  • Designed for chain link or welded mesh
  • Custom tuning software with simple user interface