Optex Fd322 Visual 165Px

Product Details

For high performance intrusion detection and nuisance alarm discrimination, combined with versatile perimeter detection alternatives, the FD33X series Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System offers end-users a high-reliability system. The Model FD332 is uniquely suited to monitor and protect two zones from a single alarm processing unit. The FD332 dual zone protection can include a fence or a wall zone. The FD332’s channels are calibrated independently to set optimal detection sensitivity levels. Each channel provides zone coverage of up to five kilometers with individual settings to ensure that the FD332 screens out sensor signals from non-threatening events, like wind, while focusing on events caused by genuine intruders.

Dual Communication ZonesProven Reliability
The FD33X™ series Alarm Processor Unit (APU) provides zone protection for one or two channel sensor cable deployments and enhanced intrusion detection. A perimeter fence or wall detection zone can be complemented with other wall / fence zones using the second channel. The FD332 offers independent channel calibration and utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide anemometer compensation for wind. The FD332, as a dual-zone system, also ensures reduced overall system cost, power and alarm communication requirements when compared with using two separate alarm processors.The FD332 security system includes fiber that is immune to the effects of EMI, lightning, magnetic fields and radio frequency transmissions. Enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities are included to filter out sensor cable signals from non-threat events such as wind, weather and wildlife. Made in America, the FD33X series guarantees users the system performance, reliability and capabilities required for a dependable perimeter security system.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • DSP signal processing for accurate detection
  • Anemometer wind compensation reduces false alarms
  • Sensor cable immune to EMI, RFI and lightning
  • Completely inert and intrinsically safe