Optex Ftn R Ram Picture 165Px

Product Details

The FTN series provides a short range curtain detection that can be adjusted with a switchable lens up to 2m or up to 5m which is ideal to protect front door, windows and balconies. The FTN-RAM is a battery-operated and anti-masking model whose detachable backbox can accommodate most wireless transmitter available on the market.

Compact and flexible Animal tolerant and intelligentThe convenience of wireless
The FTN outdoor PIRs are both compact and very flexible curtain detection PIRs. The slim body can easily fit on a window or door recess and its built-in bracket rotate 190 degree. Additionally the lens can be switched between 2m and 5m detection to adapt to the area to protect. The FTN series generates top and bottom passive infrared beams, a presence should be detected in both beams to trigger the alarm. So cat, dogs, foxes and birds will not be able to trigger the system. The FTN series digitally analyses the wave forms of the detected objects and will ignore reflection caused by sunlight, air conditioning units, vegetation sway. As a result the FTN series is the ultimate stable outdoor sensor.
The FTN-RAM doesn't require any cable or wire at all to be installed. The low-current sensor is powered by batteries (not provided) which can last up to 3 years and has a backbox big enough to accommodate most wireless transmitters available on the market. The FTN-RAM can be easily added onto a wireless alarm panel and extend the protection of the house or building to the outside.


  • Buildings
  • House
  • Garage

Key Features

  • Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic
  • Adjustable detection range 2 and 5m
  • Animal tolerant and digital analysis
  • Battery-powered suitable for wireless transmitters