Redwall Rls 3060L Picture Lr

Product Details

The REDSCAN RLS-3060 series is one of our most innovative laser scan detectors. It can detect a moving object's size, speed and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique built in algorithm, which results in high reliability detection with minimal false alarms. The detector can also be mounted vertically or horizontally according to the application and site conditions.

The REDSCAN RLS-3060SH is an advanced generation laser scan detector. It has both intelligent detection analysis functions and adjustable detection algorithm parameters that increase its range of applications. Our 3060SH model provides a flexible solutions that streamline's video surveillance and a wide range of security applications. 

The REDSCAN RLS-3060-SH can be installed directly on an IP security network and integrates with all major Video Management Software (VMS) platforms. 


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling

Key Features

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Scene selection (outdoor, indoor, indoor etc.)
  • Anti-masking function