Next generation LiDAR sensor

The award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN series just went one better, with a new detector featuring its longest range yet. REDSCAN Pro is a highly accurate outdoor and indoor security sensor using LiDAR technology with advanced detection performance, long-range customisable detection and environment resistance.

Extremely reliable and versatile, REDSCAN Pro security sensors use LiDAR technology to create a high resolution virtual laser wall or plane ideal to protect perimeters, buildings, roofs and assets.

Advanced Detection Performance

The REDSCAN Pro uses advanced on board analytics to analyse the size, speed and distance of the moving objects. It also provides accurate point detection by tracking the X & Y coordinates of the moving objects, allowing you to know exactly where the intruder is. Another extremely useful feature is the Pro's ability to define up to 8 detection zones which are fully independently configurable and can be set to detect different objects e.g one can detect people, one can detect vehicles etc.

Two models are available: the RLS-3060V, providing 30x60m detection coverage and RLS-50100V with 50x100m detection coverage:

Optex redscan pro detection areas

Built-in panoramic camera

The REDSCAN Pro allows you to achieve more with just one sensor as you can now record alarm events and save footage with the built-in camera. The camera activates and records when the alarm is triggered meaning you can quickly and easily watch and review the events and post events and make any adjustments necessary to the settings.

Weather resistant

The REDSCAN Pro is built so that you can rely on it all year round, no matter the weather. It has an operating temperature of -20 to -60°C which can be extended to -40 using a heated lens, making it a versatile solution for sites across the world. It also features environmental resistance functions to reduce false alarms due to harsh environmental conditions such as fog, snow or strong sunlight.

Dynamic Event Filtering

Following the new firmware update, the REDSCAN Pro can offer dynamic event filtering which allows for alerts to be further configured to meet secific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection or based on multi-zone detection. For example, the detection zone can be considered into two parts - the judgment and detection zone. If the object doesn’t enter the alarm zone, no alarm would be triggered. In a logistics or warehouse environment, an intelligent logic can be created so that delivery trucks entering wouldn't trigger alarms but any smaller vehicles like cars or vans would.

Redscan awards article
Since its launch REDSCAN Pro has been recognised as a cutting-edge security technology solution, it has received prestigious awards such as the latest Intersec Innovation Award and continues to receive nominations to numerous industry awards.

Key Features:

  • PoE+ LiDAR sensor, ONVIF profile S compliant for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Analytics recognising moving object’s size, speed and distance from the unit
  • Long-range customisable vertical or horizontal detection
  • Built-in panoramic assistance camera, for easy installation and alarm event review
  • Eight independent detection zones, allowing to set different sensitivity levels. Some detection zones can be set as pre-warning and others as immediate alarm.
  • Compliant with HTTPS, SNMPv3, IEEE802.1X protocols for secure network communication

Common Applications

Optex redscan pro applications