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Combined PIR (passive infrared) and Microwave technology provides added flexibility and performance to the RX-Core series. The RXC-DT incorporates the RXC-ST platform with advanced new Microwave to create a solution for the more challenging environment.

The RXC-DT can provide an advantage in both a commercial and residential environment where the potential for extreme momentary air flow or sudden temperature changes are likely. In some countries legislation is a crucial driver for the use of combined PIR/MW sensor and overrides technical requirements.

How Microwave technology improves performanceImportance of total in-house manufacturing
For Microwave technology to improve performance of a PIR (passive infrared) only device, the MW (Microwave) source must deliver a matching detection pattern and stability of its own. This facilitates the first requirement of a sensor- catch performance. To improve immunity where an extreme presence of sudden white lights or temperature changes exist, microwave technology can provide a secondary confirmation for the PIR detector due to the technologies improved resistance to these kinds of conditions.
To gain the perfect balance between PIR (Passive Infrared) and MW (Microwave) technology in a single sensor, all aspects of performance must be considered and designed together. Without this collaboration the combination of these technologies may result in poor performance. Both technologies have strengths and areas of weakness and the weakness of each must be complemented by the strength of the other. Optex's in-house design and production provides the ultimate assurance and detection performance.

The following table indicates the areas of intended use of the equipment and any known restrictions. For countries not included in this table, please consult the responsible Spectrum Management Agency.

Microwave emission power


10.525GHz (X5 version)

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

10.587GHz (X8 version)

France, Ireland, United Kingdom

13.700 GHzAustria, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Digital Quad Zone Logic
  • Advanced Microwave technology for more accurate detection
  • Advanced Sealed Optics
  • Advanced temperature compensation logic