Product Details

The RXC-RST is an indoor presence and movement detector designed to be used with wireless transmitters. Built on OPTEX's proven RX and CX series technology, the RXC-RST provides accurate performance in higher temperatures. The RXC-R series features digital target recognition and is suitable for Grade 2 residential, commercial or industrial applications. The RX-R CORE series features 78 dense zones to cover the whole coverage. At any spot within the coverage more than 4 (quad) zones are utilized to verify if it should generate an alarm or not.

Digital Quad Zone LogicAdvance Temperature Compensation Logic
Our RXC-R series has a unique to Optex design within the sensors lens to help prevent unwanted nuisance alarms from pets etc. Where conventional PIR detectors usually use simplified detection areas, our unique approach to intrusion detection, divides the detection area in to many separate zones. All of the zones use DSP logic to work together to provide the most accurate detection performance possible.
The RXC-RST automatically increases the detector's sensitivity under high temperature conditions, especially where the background temperature ranges from 35-37°C(63 - 67°F), close to that of the human body.


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Digital Quad Zone Logic
  • Intelligent digital micro-processor (core platform)
  • Analysis of frequencies for best reliability
  • Spacious back box to accommodate third party wireless transmitters