BA Series 1024x500

Product Details

All-in-one Thermometer BA Series
Easy setting with built-in coaxial laser marker
Measurement range: 0°C to +500°C (+32 to +932°F)

  • Scaling function
    The temperature range of analog output can be scaled within the temperature range as you like.
  • Built-in amplifier with compact body
    The first non-contact thermometer of its class incorporating a digital display, setting panel, and output function.
  • Emissivity teach function simplifies emissivity adjustment
  • Two-type optics
    Long focus : 30mm at 1000mm distance (BA30)
    Narrow focus : 6mm at 200mm distance (BA06)
  • Two-type analog outputs
    4-20mA type is suitable for long-distance transmission, and 1mV type is suitable for the connection with a panel meter.
  • The built-in coaxial laser marker allows you to sight measuring objects


  • BA-30TA-S
  • BA-30TV-S
  • BA-06TA-S
  • BA-06TV-S


Benefits of temperature-based detection

• Immune to the influence of colors of measured objects
• Measurement possible even if the target is vibrating
• Long-distance detection (30 mm diameter at a distance of 1000 mm)
• Detection even in severe environments

Compact body with integrated sensor and amplifier

Compact design with the integrate sensor and amplifier. This allows for restrictionfree installation. This all-in-one type allows for measurement, output, display, and configuration.

First-in-class integrated digital display type

The BA series is the first thermometer in its class with integrated digital display.
This product allows various functions to be configured on-site, and includes a display that makes checking temperatures easy. Changing settings can even be performed by a single person even while the line is running.

Spot measurements from a distance

The BA series of thermometers includes a long-range spot measurement type (BA-30 model) and a narrow-field measurement type (BA-06 model) to suit various measurement target size and measurement distance needs. Moreover, the coaxial laser marker enables accurate measurement of small targets at a distance.

Simple emissivity adjustment: Teaching function

This product is equipped with a TEACH function that allows users to calculate and store emissivity automatically by inputting a temperature.
This allows for drastic reductions in time spent on configuring settings.

Built-in coaxial laser marker

The product includes a coaxial laser marker that points directly to the center of the field of view.
This allows for more accurate positioning and easier installation.
・The laser marker turns off automatically after about 20 seconds.

Two types of analog output

The lineup includes a voltage output type that can be easily connected to a panel meter, and a current output type that is ideal for long-range transmissions. Users are able to select the desired type when selecting a model.

・BA-30TA-S / BA-06TA-S, BA-30TV-S / BA-06TV-S only

Built-in analog scaling function

Users are able to set the temperature range of the analog output as desired.
(4 to 20 mA analog type only)

Photo MOS relay output

The photo MOS relay output function makes configuration of upper and lower limit settings possible.
*BA-30TC / BA-06TC only


BA Series Applications


The specifications sheet is available as a download via the tabs on the bottom of this page.

Type Key

Field of View

Operating panel

Output Settings

BA-30TC abd BA-06TC only


Main unit

Main unit mounting bracket

Air purge collar


BA-30TA-S / BA-06TA-S、BA-30TV-S / BA-06TV-S

BA-30TC / BA-06TC


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Air purge collar

Air purge collar piping example

Air purge collar specifications

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