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Product Details

Detect the presence of vehicles with high accuracy by using our next generation above-ground vehicle sensors with flexible range.

The OPTEX OVS-02 is the perfect sensing solution for automatic gates and barriers as it is easy to install above-ground on a wall, pole, or barrier housing, replacing the ground loop and functioning as a "Virtual Loop". This makes it suitable for almost any application. Especially when there is a difficulty in the installation environment like the type of road surface or restrictions due to legislation. The sensor can be used for traffic management, vehicle protection, and security purposes.

Reliable and flexible vehicle detection

The OVS-0GT presence and activation vehicle detection sensor for automatic gates, barriers and industrial doors offers excellent short- and long-range detection up to 8 meters and a wide-angle adjustment of 90º to 95º. It detects stationary or moving vehicles up to 35km/h of all materials and has a visible indicator light. It suits simple gate activation applications as well as being part of state-of-the-art parking systems and is available in black (standard) and grey (optional).

Easy above-ground installation

The above-ground installation makes it a less invasive solution for a variety of locations where a ground loop is not possible or even allowed. After simply mounting the sensor 50cm from the ground on a barrier housing, wall or pole, the setup can easily be performed via a dedicated app called "Virtual Loop" on a mobile device like smartphone or tablet with only a few buttons.

Excellent performance

The OVS-02GT is not affected by ground movement and is able to ignore pedestrian traffic to avoid unnecessary activations. The microwave technology, built in heater, and IP66 & NEMA4 rating ensure a reliable detection in cold or humid weather conditions and dust.

Vehicle protection

Due to the presence detection the sensor offers safety measures such as anti-hit protection where it can prevent a barrier hitting a car by closing before the vehicle is through.

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Location solutions

The OVS-02GT vehicle sensor is an ideal solution for many locations and can reliably replace the use of a ground loop in situations:

  • Where digging is not possible:
    Resin bound driveways, stone/brick pavements.
  • Where civil engineering is not possible:
    Public areas, post tensioned concrete, steel grating cover drains.
  • Locations where loop malfunctions are caused:
    Damaged surfaces, surfaces prone flood, malfunctions by ice or snow.

Applications OVS02


Automatic swing and sliding gates, barriers and bi-folding high speed doors can be activated easily with the OVS-02GT sensor. It provides above ground sensing technology for commercial sites, parking’s, secures car parks and residential applications. Due to the double output, it can also activate a ticketing machine or signalling light at the same time.

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Technical Details

OVS 02 GT Detection Area
OVS 02 GT installation conditions
OVS 02 GT Dimensions

The OPTEX OVS-02GT vehicle detection sensor is the newest member of the OPTEX Vehicle Sensor range, also known as "Virtual Loop". and offers exquisite and reliable motion detection of cars, trucks, vans, and other motorised vehicles using microwave technology. It complements the sensor range with increased performance on detection range and accuracy and it is very easy to install above ground with a smartphone App.

The sensor is an ideal ground loop replacement as it can be applied in situations where groundwork is not possible. This indoor and outdoor sensor detects in rain and frost, but of course also hot weather, but is also equipped to ignore pedestrian traffic. Due to the double output, it can activate multiple devices at once like the automatic barriers, gates, and doors and simultaneously a signalling light or ticketing machine. Benefit from the OVS-02GT in your parking, garage, car park, gated driveway, bi-fold high speed door secured entrance or perimeter entry. For more information on the possibilities please contact us.

Installation video OVS-02GT

Key Features

  • Above-ground installation
  • Detects up to 35 km/h (22 mph)
  • Range up to 8 meters (26ft)
  • Ignores pedestrian traffic