Functionality, reliability, efficiency, and design come together in our OPTEX OVS vehicle detection range. These vehicle sensors offer high quality, above ground detection for Vehicle Presence detection for Activation, Counting and Presence detection purposes.

Our vehicle detection sensors provide solid solutions for above ground vehicle detection that cater everyday applications and busy or secured locations. Each sensor is equipped with a unique set of features to cater to different on-site requirements, and they are the perfect solution for sites where in-ground induction loops are impossible or not allowed. The performance during challenging weather conditions like heat, snow and rain is excellent and the sensors are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installation doesn’t require special tools or civil engineering and the sensors, which results in a construction period of about 1/3 of the induction loop installation time. Also, the above surface mounted sensors are easily accessible and require only a small amount of maintenance and therefore they are even more efficient.


for activation and presence detection

For car counting applications

Location solutions

The OVS- vehicle detection series is ultimately suited for locations where groundwork is not possible or forbidden.

Locations where digging is not possible

* Resin bound driveways
* Stone Pavement
* Brick Pavement

Locations where civil engineering work is nog permitted

* One side is public area
* Facility surfaces whick are not allowed to be cut
(post tensioned concreted)
* Steel grating cover over drain

Locations where loop malfunctions are caused

* Damaged surface
* Road surface is prone to flood
* Malfunctions caused by or snow

Vehicle sensor for activation and presence detection

The OVS-01GT and OVS-02GT offer outstanding presence detection. These sensors can be used at entrances and exits of indoor and outdoor parking’s, industrial sites, secured roads, airports, offices, shopping centers and more for activation sensor for automatic gates, barriers, bi-fold doors and industrial doors or for other devices like signaling lights and ticketing machines.

Depending on the sensor, we can provide a solution with a range up to 8 meters, detecting at a speed up to 35km/h, and ignore pedestrian traffic. These sensors can even be applied as a vehicle protection sensor to prevent a barrier of gate from hitting the vehicle whilst it is still in the detection zone. The setting adjustments of our newest addition, the OVS-02GT sensor, can be modified with our ‘Virtual Loop’ App to make the installation even easier.

Vehicle detection

Car counting applications

The OVS-01CC is designed for accurate vehicle counting and presence detection at parking lots, traffic management systems, and other scenarios where accurate vehicle counting is essential. The sensor provides outputs -which can be integrated with various types of monitoring and control systems. These outputs are often used for traffic analysis, parking management, and automation purposes.

This sensor is typically installed at the entrance or exit points of a parking lot or road segment. It offers reliable detection an accurate output pulses to support precise vehicle counting possibilities. The installation height and positioning may vary depending on the specific application and requirements.

Car counting