InSight QXI ST

Product Details

The INS-QXI-ST provides wide angle detection of up to 12m and across 120 degrees, with an auto-configured and aligned camera angle to perfectly match the detection area for excellent event capture. Perfect for protecting wide open areas such as the approach to buildings, car parks and more.Due to OPTEX's intelligent logic, the detection performance won't be affected by even the most adverse weather, such as heavy rain, fog and high temperatures. InSight sensors are compatible with ONVIF and OPTEX's Intelligent Visual Monitoring Solution, CHeKT Cloud.

Integrated sensing and video analytics

At OPTEX we've always pioneered sensing technologies and innovation to produce intrusion detection solutions that are highly reliable. As video analytics evolve, we have identified the opportunity to blend the two powerful technologies of our sensors and camera analytics and give you the ultimate high-performance sensor. Bringing together video and sensing analytics for reliable detection of suspicious behaviour and unauthorised intrusions.

INS QXI aerial 1 adjusted colour low res

High-performance detection algorithms to avoid false alarms.

Video analytics alone can often have trouble distinguishing genuine intrusions from false alarms when environmental factors come into play. Shadows, small animals, heavy rain or snow, spider webs, fallen leaves and many more every day occurrences can pose a challenge for cameras. However, when combined with our advanced detection algorithms such as OPTEX's bespoke S.M.D.A and A.N.D intelligent logics, false alarms are significantly reduced. SMDA logic provides our detectors with intelligence to learn and adapt to their environment by considering five key analytics (shape, size, speed, temperature and direction) when validating a genuine alarm. AND logic is especially effective in reducing false alarms often caused by birds and pets as it requires both of the upper and lower detection areas to be activated for an alarm signal to be generated.

Reliable alarm logic

Another way that the InSight series reduces false alarms and increases reliability is through it's alarm logic. It works by creating a time window when either the sensor or video analytics detects an object. In that time the detection must be confirmed by both video analytics and the sensor analytics to generate an alarm. Essentially, the InSight provides two layers of detection to really make sure that any alarm it generates will be the real deal, giving you peace of mind that you can trust in your sensor and take appropriate action when needed.

Easy Installation and perfect match of optics and detection area

The InSight series has a really efficient installation as it comes auto-configured to save you time. The camera angle of view and the sensor's detection area are auto-configured to match perfectly, meaning there is a more accurate capture rate and you don't have to worry about aligning everything as it's already taken care of. Of course there is also the benefit of only having to install one device rather than an individual sensor and camera, allowing you to get on with securing your site faster.

Seamless integration with your security system

The InSight series are ONVIF compliant making them easy to integrate with other devices in the security network using standard communication protocols, allowing you more flexibility and ease of implementation. Furthermore, these sensors can integrate with OPTEX's intelligent visual monitoring system, CHeKT Cloud, allowing for remote monitoring so you can have the full OPTEX package.