When it comes to security, at OPTEX we believe it is good to be double sure; by using intelligent sensors to detect and trigger the video to verify the event we bring the power of two technologies together. Whatever the size and complexity of the site to protect and the security system in place, we have the sensors to fit the application. Because vision can’t do it all it makes sense to have sensor-led visual verification.

App-based visual verification solutions

Designed with convenience in mind, the user can monitor the security of several premises from just one App anytime, wherever they are. This solution relies in the concept of outdoor intrusion sensors upgraded with an HD camera module that gives the user 180 degree view to verify in real-time what has triggered the alarm.

Intelligent visual monitoring, powered by CHeKT

An easy and cost-effective solution to add video to a monitored alarm system, linking together existing or new indoor and outdoor sensors with ONVIF cameras or NVRs, mapping the detection zones to the right cameras and connecting to the alarm panel. Through a secure Cloud Server the monitoring station can visually verify the alarm and send the video to the customer if further checks are required.

Integration to VMS and PSIM solutions

OPTEX has developed IP devices which are integrated with most Video Management Software and other security platforms. Some of them have integrated the X&Y coordinates of our LiDARs to create sophisticated solutions, being for security, safety or management systems.

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