The OPTEX Group, founded in 1979, is a global solutions provider that never stops inventing to create a safe, secure, and comfortable society. We look at the rapidly shifting challenges faced by companies and individuals daily and use our unique expertise to create innovative, user-friendly solutions. In this process, our focus is always on uncovering the fundamental issues underlying a problem, allowing us to develop real and long-term answers.

While sensors are often associated with security devices, OPTEX is much more than a provider of crime prevention systems. In fact, we see our role in the broadest possible terms and are dedicated to developing sensing technologies that provide increased safety, security and comfort in an ever-expanding range of fields.

This approach has allowed us to pioneer concepts and applications that have made us a leader in a wide variety of business fields. Our goal is not to respond to change but to identify new markets and channel emerging trends in a positive direction.


OPTEX is the leading manufacturer of detection systems and a global solutions provider across our fields of expertise. We have two headquarters in Europe, each dedicated to a specific business domain -Security and Entrance-, aiming to be the number one in their respective specialist markets based on a strong customer-oriented strategy.

Across Europe we have established a mission to develop new possibilities from the close contact with customers and regional market place. Our ambition is to contribute to a safe and comfortable society throughout the EMEA region.

Our EMEA Security headquarters is located in the UK and supported by several local offices in the Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Germany and South Africa. We offer a broad range of security detection systems suited for a diverse number of applications ranging from high-end security to the security of private homes and everything in between.

Our EMEA Entrance headquarters is located in The Netherlands and supported by a regional office in Germany. We supply our customers with safety and activation solutions suited for automatic Swing, Sliding and Revolving doors, as well as products for Secured Entry and Industrial door applications.


Founded on 25th May 1979, the idea and principles of the company were first agreed in a coffee house in Kyoto, Japan, between Toru Kobayashi, an electronics engineer and three of his colleagues. They had a vision for a new business, a business that had sensing technology at its heart, precision technology that could detect the 'status' and 'changes' of people and things.


Introduced Japan's first sensor light using passive infrared. Introduced the OW-01, the world's first wireless automatic door touch switch.


Established Research and Development Center. OPTEX research and development has allowed for the innovation of the worlds leading detection solutions. With the development of sensing algorithms and putting the detectors through their paces with 150 different tests, OPTEX deliver the gold standard.


Introduced the Wonder Track digital event recording system in the digital CCTV system market. Digital event recording system given first prize at France's Expo protection security equipment trade show.


Developed laser technology for security applications and brought the innovative LiDARs REDSCAN RLS-3060 to the market.


Developed the VX Infinity PIR, the worlds best selling detention sensor. The VXI sensors feature a digital microprocessor which analyses the infrared emissions received and differentiates the ones generated by a human from the ones generated by sunlight, animals, vegetation sway, or weather conditions.


Developed the above-ground vehicle detection solution. The detection is ensured using a combination of microwave and ultrasonic wave sensing technology. In many cases, it can replace a ground loop sensor or video-based sensors.


OPTEX celebrated 40 years in May of 2019.


Launches first ever LiDAR solution with camera, the REDSCAN Pro. Since it's launch, the REDSCAN Pro has gone on to win multiple awards.


OPTEX celebrated 45 years in May of 2024.

Our commitment to quality

Quality is at the heart of our products and the processes that we follow. We are proud to share that our quality system has obtained the international quality management standard, ISO 9001.

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