Optex secured entry sensor ov 302


The Accurance 3D-OEM sensor is based on Time of Flight (TOF) technology and is designed for secured entry solutions in OEM projects to detect and prevent tailgaiting in an airlock to guarantee single authorized access. Datacenters and other high security buildings implement the sensor for its ability to recognize shape, position, moving speed and direction of the target as well as gestures, even in complex backgrounds.

Time of Flight Technology

The Time of Flight Technology obtains 20.000 points of 3D X, Y, Z data which calculate the distance and position by using the time of the light from the light source to reflect back to the receiver and translate the signal with special designed CMOS imager to get a full 3D range image.

Key features and benefits

  • Real time 3D mapping within the Field of View (FoV)
  • Topographic 3D data guarantees high accuracy rates
  • Extraction of target in complex background, even in same color and low contrast backgrounds
  • Ability to set virtual detecting zone(s) within protected space
  • Wide and selectable field of view
  • SDK parameters can be adjusted to fit a variety of environments
  • Not affected by reflection or glare
  • Does not rely on any heat or light source
  • Recognition of shape, position of target, moving speed, direction and gestures


Our secured entry sensor can be used for multiple purposes in OEM projects f.e. security revolving doors, security booths or interlocking security doors. It is most applied for:

  • Human recognition for security and safety purposes
  • Anti tailgating
  • Anti piggybacking
  • Sensing and tracking intruders

More information

For specific information on applications for this sensor, the manual or inquiries for OEM projects, please contact us via info@optex.eu or +31 (0)70 419 4100.