Ba Series Oe


Non-contact thermometer

All-in-one type


BA series

0 to 500℃


  • Scaling function The temperature range of analog output can be scaled within the temperature range as you like.
  • Built-in amplifier with compact body The first non-contact thermometer of its class incorporating a digital display, setting panel, and output function.
  • Emissivity teach function simplifies emissivity adjustment
  • Two-type optics Long focus : 30mm at 1000mm distance (BA30) Narrow focus : 6mm at 200mm distance (BA06)
  • Two-type analog outputs 4-20mA type is suitable for long-distance transmission, and 1mV type is suitable for the connection with a panel meter.
  • The built-in coaxial laser marker allows you to sight measuring objects

Optical specifications



The optical resolution value stated above are at minimum 90% energy. The size of measuring object should be sufficiently larger than the spot size.


Main unit

Mounting bracket (standard accessory)

Connection Diagram

Optional Accessory

Air Purge collar


Built-in 2 BA Series

  • BA-30TA-S
  • BA-30TV-S
  • BA-06TA-S
  • BA-06TV-S