A range of OPTEX sensors support bi-directional communication

BX Shield Curtain detection

Outdoor curtain motion detectors designed to protect windows, doors and the immediate boundary of houses, offices, garages and buildings. BX Shield (BXS) detectors provide two independent left-right narrow beam detection areas up to 12m (40ft) each (24m in total). Not affected by small animals or by environmental changes, they are a perfect trigger for alarm systems or outdoor CCTV cameras.

BX Shield wireless models include BXS-R and BXS-RAM (anti-masking).

BX Shield Series

VX Shield 90-degree Outdoor detection

Short-range outdoor intrusion detectors to protect gardens, driveways, buildings, sites and roofs, providing 90-degrees 12m (40 ft) detection coverage to alert early of intruders approaching the premises. VX Shield (VXS) sensors feature a customisable design and accurate detection as they are equipped with digital analytics to distinguish genuine alarms and ignore main causes of false alarms including small animals and environmental changes.

VX Shield wireless models include VXS-RAM (anti-masking) and VXS-RDAM (anti-masking and dual-technology).

VX Shield Series

QX Infinity Wide-angle high-mount detection

A range of outdoor intrusion detection sensors providing 120-degree wide and 12m (40ft) detection area, to protect wide spaces surrounding the house or commercial premises. Particularly useful when the approach to the premises is hilly, or when there is vegetation or furniture within the area to be protected. Sleek and compact, QXI Series can be mounted up to 2.7m and can trigger both alarm panel or CCTV systems.

QX Infinity wireless models include QXI-R and QXI-RDT (dual-technology).

QX Infinity Series

WX Infinity Outdoor panoramic detection

Outdoor detectors providing 180-degree panoramic coverage and built upon our years of proven experience to deliver reliable accurate detection of intruders before they gain access into the premises. With its comprehensive 180 degree field of view and its capabilities to tailor its settings to meet the environment around the premise, the WXI will provide an effective solution for residential and commercial applications.

WX Infinity (WXI) wireless models include WXI-R and WXI-RAM (anti-masking).

WX Infinity Series

WX Shield Flexible panoramic detection

OPTEX's latest 180-Degree outdoor intrusion detectors with flexible range detection and settings, as well as a selectable low (0.8 - 1.2m) or high-mount (2m) option. Ideal to detect anyone approaching the premises or flat roof protection for residential and commercial properties. The sensor is equipped with self-learning IR, double conductive shielding to avoid false alarms triggered by bright sunlight or RFI, and automatic walk test.

WX Shield wireless models include WXS-RAM (anti-masking) and WXS-RDAM (anti-masking and dual-technology).

WX shield Series

OPTEX sensor's settings can be modified remotely by the user to adapt to the situation and environment.

The following settings can be adjusted in OPTEX bi-directional sensors:

  • LED on/off
  • Battery saving timer
  • Day/night settings
  • Enable PIR sensitivity
  • Adjust PIR pulse control
  • Auto environmental adjustment
  • Anti-masking setting