Product Details

The Optex OA-Edge is developed to increase the safety level on automatic swing doors. The OA-Edge is based on the Optex Active Infrared triangulation technology. Due to the modular design you can upgrade the safety level of the sensor by adding additional modules. The OA-Edge T is in compliance with the latest European regulation EN 16005 and tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV.

Easy Installation

The sensor is easy to install by simply clicking the master and slave modules into the profile, the master and slave modules are connected by a communication cable with connector. Altenative power supply connector on the master module makes installation more flexible and quicker.


The sensor has a very slim design in order to fit on many different types of swing doors. The sensor is available in a silver or black profile completed with a black lens.


The wide detection area of each module secures a high level of safety around the door and will prevent the door leaf from hitting an object or person near the door. The Optex OA-Edge T is tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV and in compliance with the EN 16005.


The sensor can be assembled using master and slave modules according to the required safety level and the width of the swing door. For a standard configuration of 1 sensor one master module is required. Depending on the door width, a maximum of 3 slave modules can be connected to this master module.

Quick Adjustment

Adjustments to the sensor are done by the use of dipswitches and a levelling screw. When the sensor is set up an easy push on the function switch will start the initialization and learning cycle. After installation the sensor status can be easily checked by the visible LED.


Optex automatic door sensors guarantee premium performance and include a 3-year full replacement warranty.

Functionality Safety

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