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Product Details

For security projects that require the best perimeter protection available, the FD525 Alarm Processing Unit (APU) from Fiber SenSys is the solution. This all-fiber-optic intrusion detection system is capable of detecting simultaneous intrusion attempts on multiple zones along your perimeter. Know instantly when an intruder – or a group of intruders – is attempting to breach your perimeter.

Optimal System EffectivenessProven Reliability
Fiber SenSys has an optional OM525™ module for alarm and fault relays that includes LED outputs for up to 25 zones. The OM525 module can be located up to 25 feet away from the APU, and connected via a CAT-5 cable supplied with the Module. With zone sizes as small as 10 meters, one FD525 uses the power of fiber optics to identify intrusion attempts along a perimeter. When one or more zones are breached, the system instantly identifies the zone of each intrusion attempt, while continuing to monitor the rest of the perimeter. This combination of features and system capabilities has allowed the FD525 to receive high levels of certification and approval from the U.S. Government and the Department of Defense (DOD).The FD525 uses advanced optical design and processing algorithms that allow the system to detect simultaneous intrusion attempts and equates them with zones along the perimeter. This innovative technology detects intrusion attempts where and when they happen, making the Fiber SenSys system extremely difficult to defeat. This information can be graphically displayed and immediately communicated for prompt incident response. Fiber SenSys systems are based on fiber-optic technology that is immune to EMI/RFI, making our systems the most reliable, accurate, and tamper-proof available.


  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Supports up to 25 zones, each fully independent and tunable
  • Sensor cable length up to 800 meters per zone
  • Max insensitive lead-in cable length up to 5km