Optex Fd252 165Px Visual

Product Details

When your property or critical resources require the best protection available, the lowest nuisance alarm rates in the industry, and the highest reliability, you need the new FD525R Rack-Mounted Alarm Processing Unit (APU). The all fiber-optic intrusion detection system is capable of detecting up to 5 simultaneous intrusion attempts at more than one location along with your perimeter.

The FD525R is designed to fit in a standard 19” rack and occupies only 2U (3.5”) of rack height. This system is available with an optional RLM-525TM Relay Module for alarm and fault relay outputs for up to 25 zones. The Relay Module can be mounted on the rear of the APU or up to 25 feet away, connected via a CAT-5 cable supplied with the Relay Module. With up to 25 zones of coverage and as concise as 10 meter resolution, one FD 525R uses the power of fiber optics to identify intrusion attempts along with a perimeter up to 2 kilometres in length. When one or more zones are breached, the system instantly identifies the zone of each intrusion attempt, while continuing to monitor the rest of the perimeter. The FD525R uses a convenient USB port for communications.

The FD525R system detects and reports intrusion attempts anywhere along the perimeter fence with superior sensitivity and reliability, and identifies the zone where the breach is occurring. This information is graphically displayed and immediately communicated for a prompt incident response.


  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Supports up to 25 zones, each fully independent and tunable
  • Sensor cable length up to 800 meters per zone
  • Fits 19” data center rack; 2U height
  • Max insensitive lead-in cable length up to 5km