Optex 525 Halo Pic 2 165Px

Product Details

The FD525-HALO™ uses proven technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of high-security facilities throughout the world, in a low-priced and easy to use sensor. Built with maximum design flexibility, the FD525-HALO™ uses the power of fiber optics to identify intrusion attempts along a perimeter. When one or more zones are breached, the system instantly identifies the zone of each intrusion attempt, while continuing to monitor the rest of the perimeter.

The FD525-HALO™ detects multiple simultaneous intrusion attempts where and when they happen, making the Fiber SenSys system extremely difficult to defeat. This information is graphically displayed and immediately communicated for a prompt incident response.

The FD525-HALO™ employs an insensitive lead-in cable, up to 25 individual zones, the distribution
box and zone kit enclosures. The hybrid cable is attached to a fence, wall, or other perimeter barrier. If the barrier is disturbed, the FD525-HALO™ immediately detects a change and instantly sendsoperators a message identifying the location of the intrusion attempt.


  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Streamlined installation with hybrid cable sensor
  • Fusion splice capable
  • Nuisance alarm discrimination
  • Cut-tolerant design