Flip X Advanced

Product Details

Part of the FlipX Advanced Series, the FLX-A-DAM is OPTEX's latest Grade 3 indoor sensor with dual technologogy microwave and PIR and antimasking features. It also has the unique to OPTEX rotatable lens for wide and narrow detection in just one sensor. Designed with high security sites in mind, the FlipX Advanced has extreme catch performance and advanced sensitivity settings for increased precision and reliability.

Superior detection performance

The FlipX Advanced models feature the highest catch performance amongst all the FlipX sensors making them the ideal choice for high-risk sites. With 80 detection zones and a longer detection range (up to 24meters), the Advanced the perfect choice for a variety of high-security indoor applications, including banks, high-value retail stores, warehouses and high-end residential. Advanced models feature double conductive shielding to filter out light disturbance and RFI, and also a 'super high sensitivity' setting for increased precision, along with a downzone detection area to detect below the sensor meaning almost nothing will get past the Advanced.

Dual technology

The FLX-A-DAM is a dual technology sensor with both microwave and PIR detection and full antimasking features. The dual technology adds another layer of reliability and precision the FlipX Advanced as an alarm will only be activated when both the microwave and infrared layers are triggered. What really makes our dual technology models stand out is the unrivaled quality of our bespoke component, the Tough MOD which has specifically been developed to prevent corrosion from condensation, humidity and other damage due to lights or temperature changes.

Active infrared antimasking

With high-security applications in mind, the FlipX Advanced comes with an Infrared anti-masking function which generates a trouble signal when the detector is masked. It has two independent antimasking functions, one on the lens surface and one on the microwave so should one of them be covered, it will generate an alarm.

Super high sensitivity

For increased performance and precision, the Advanced Models offer a step up from the usual sensitivity settings to increase detection performance. Usually, our sensors can come with low, medium or high sensitivity only but to make this product even more suitable for high risk places we have incorporated "super high sensitivity", which when set, enables the sensors to maintain stable and highly reliable detection even when the temperature difference between the human and the environment is very small.

Easy Installation

Like all FlipX models, the Advanced aims to facilitate the installation process as much as possible to save you time and hassle. One of its key features is an easily viewable multi-colour LED indicator. The 180-degree cover lock is also incredibly easy to remove within seconds. Unique to the FlipX Advanced is the removable terminal block for easy and quick wiring and the EOL resistor socket for simple installation. All FlipX models also have a flexible mounting height of 2-3 meters so they can easily blend into interiors with higher ceilings.

Flip X Advanced applications


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Hardwired indoor Grade 3 dual technology (PIR+microwave) with rotatable lens
  • Wide detection up to 15m, 85 degree, narrow detection up to 24m (PIR only)
  • Super sensitivity settings for higher detection performance
  • IR antimasking


The FlipX Series will replace the majority of our older indoor PIRs as shown below (some have already been discontinued):

FLX-S-ST is replacement model for EX-35, RX-40QZ FX-40, FX-40D, RXC-ST

FLX-S-DT is replacement models for MX-40QZ, MX-40PT, RXC-DT

FLX-A-AM is replacement models CDX-AM, CDX-NAM

FLX-A-DAM is replacement models CDX-DAM

The FlipX Series provide superior pet tolerance through the sensitivity settings. If you put the sensitivity mode to low, this will invoke pet immunity. In this mode, thanks to the innovative pyroelectric sensor and human catch element, small animals will not activate the sensor.

Watch this video to find out more about changing the sensitivity settings.


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