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Part of the FlipX Professional Series, the FLX-P-DT is OPTEX's latest Grade 2 indoor sensor with new to the market, innovative pyro sensor with human catch element, and OPTEX patented double conductive shielding for high-detection performance. Equipped with a rotatable lens, FlipX sensors allow an easy switch from wide to narrow detection, meaning that you can do twice as much with a single product. With OPTEX's Tough Mod TM Technology, FLX-P-DT enables a durable and immaculate performance of the microwave module in hot and humid climates. It's the perfect choice for commercial and professional applications.

High-detection performance

The FlipX Professional models feature a new bespoke pyro that has been specifically designed to adapt to the human shape and improve capture performance. With a refined spherical lens that ensures consistency throughout the field of detection, and a longer detection range - up to 15m 85 degree wide and up to 24m narrow -, the Professional is the perfect choice for a variety of indoor applications, including schools and offices, retail stores and large residential areas.

Dual technology

The FLX-P-DT is a dual technology sensor with both microwave and PIR detection. The dual technology adds another layer of reliability and precision as an alarm will only be activated when both the microwave and infrared layers are triggered. What really makes our dual technology models stand out is the unrivaled quality of our bespoke component, the Tough MOD which has specifically been developed to prevent corrosion from condensation, humidity and other damage due to lights or temperature changes.

Rotatable lens

The FlipX Standard features our innovative, time and money saving solution - the rotatable lens. The sensor comes with the factory setting of wide detection but by simply removing the cover and fliping the lens 180degrees you can create a whole new narrow detection area for corridors, window protection and more. Note microwave sensor is disabled when the device is used for narrow applications.

Spherical lens design

The specially designed spherical lens provides a precise focal length of each detection ray onto the pyroelectric elements. This advanced lens design helps to ensure consistency throughout the field of detection and considerably reduces the chance of missed alarms

SMDA logic

All FlipX series are equiped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic, "SMDA". This highly developed detection technology helps the sensor avoid nuisance alarms from shades, changes in temperature or brightness which can be common in indoor settings. With this enhanced digital logic you can get piece of mind that your alarm will not be activated by everyday triggers. In this model we have also incorporated features from outdoor sensors, to make it more resistant and durable for everyday indoor detection use.

Double Conductive Shielding

Professional models feature OPTEX's patented double conductive shielding to filter out radio frequency interference (RFI) and visible light disturbance from sunlight or strong lamps. This innovative design feature, which employs two layers of conductive materials, creates a robust shield and enhances the reliability of the detection performance minimising false alarms.

Easy Installation

Like all FlipX models, the Professional simplifies the installation process as much as possible to save you time and hassle. One of its key features is an easy viewable multi-colour LED indicator. The 180 degree cover lock is also incredibly easy to remove within seconds. Also available in FlipX Professional is the EOL resistor socket for simple installation.


  • Buildings
  • House
  • Garage

Key Features

  • Hardwired indoor Grade 2 dual technology (PIR+microwave) with rotatable lens
  • Wide detection up to 15m, 85 degree, narrow detection up to 24m (PIR only)
  • Double conductive shielding for visible light/RFI protection
  • Variable high mount 2.0-3.0 metres


The FlipX Series will replace the majority of our older indoor PIRs as shown below (some have already been discontinued):

FLX-S-ST is replacement model for EX-35, RX-40QZ FX-40, FX-40D, RXC-ST

FLX-S-DT is replacement models for MX-40QZ, MX-40PT, RXC-DT

FLX-A-AM is replacement models CDX-AM, CDX-NAM

FLX-A-DAM is replacement models CDX-DAM

The FlipX Series provide superior pet tolerance through the sensitivity settings. If you put the sensitivity mode to low, this will invoke pet immunity. In this mode, thanks to the innovative pyroelectric sensor and human catch element, small animals will not activate the sensor.

Watch this video to find out more about changing the sensitivity settings.


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