Optex Hx 40 Series 165Px Picture

Product Details

The HX-40 PIRs are mounted between 2.5 and 3 meter high and provide a volumetric outdoor intrusion detection up to 12m. The HX-40 series is ideal to protect the approach of the building and has been designed to differentiate between human and small to medium sized animals reducing a lot the risk of false alarm. The HX-40 is the standard hardwired model.

Adjustability to the site configurationCatch performance:
All sites have various differences, this is why the HX-40 series has been designed to cater for a variety of site configurations. The bracket can rotate horizontally by 180 degree and can be tilted up or down vertically to adapt the slope of the ground. The detection area can be shortened to 9, 5.5, 4m or modified using the masking seals provided.
The HX Series features superb Catch Performance. The most important element in reliable outdoor detector is accuracy to distinguish a human from a pet. The exclusive pyro element on board enables the HX to project an ideal detection pattern, thus allowing for more accurate detection of humans and less false alarms.


  • Buildings
  • Approach
  • House
  • Garage

Key Features

  • Advanced temperature compensation logic
  • Volumetric detection sensor
  • Adjustable detection range
  • Animal tolerance

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