Optex redscan mini pro rls2020v

Product Details

The REDSCAN mini-Pro RLS-2020V creates virtual detection walls or planes across 20x20 meters at 95 degrees and analyses a moving object's size, location and distance to determine an intrusion. Designed to work effectively in both outdoor and indoor environments, it includes an FHD IR camera for alarm verification and recording of events.

Part of the award-winning REDSCAN series, the new RLS-2020V delivers highly precise LiDAR detection and ultra-fast response times, meaning you can be assured that intrusions will be detected without delay. Equipped with a built-in camera, RLS-2020V allows to verify events and record them for post-event analysis. With a detection range of 20 x 20 m 95 degrees, it is ideal to protect high-value assets and high-security buildings and perimeters. In addition, it is compatible with ONVIF Profile S and has additional outputs and protocols allowing seamless integration into your existing security infrastructure.

Camera Integration for Comprehensive Analysis

RLS-2020V model comes equipped with an integrated camera, adding an extra layer of security intelligence. While the LiDAR sensor detects any suspicious activity, the camera verifies the cause, capturing and saving detailed logs and images in its internal memory. With built-in IR LED, surveillance continues 24/7, keeping your premises safeguarded in any lighting condition. The sensor's ample storage capacity accommodates over 500 detection items, offering extensive data for post-analysis.

Customised Detection and Flexible Mounting Options

The latest LiDAR sensor is built to adapt to your specific site needs. Choose from various mounting options, including wall, ceiling, and pole mounts, enabling both horizontal and vertical detection. In horizontal mode RLS-2020V can protect roofs, skylights and ceilings; in vertical mode it can create virtual walls to protect assets, facades and protect narrow areas around buildings or perimeters. If you require a longer area to be protected, the extended detection range allows up to 30m 95-degrees coverage.

The detection area can be divided in up to 8 independent zones, and for each of them the object target size, sensitivity and output can be customised. It gives great flexibility to adapt the settings depending on the zones location and level of threat.

Unrivaled Environmental Resistance

Count on RLS-2020V to detect intrusions even in the harshest conditions and complete darkness. It's designed to work in the coldest temperatures of up to -40°C to scorching 60°C heat, while also not being affected by rain, snow, wind or light changes. The REDSCAN mini-Pro ensures resistance against environmental factors, guaranteeing consistent and accurate performance in extreme weather.

Connectivity and Network Security

The REDSCAN mini-Pro has been designed with connectivity and network security in mind. RLS-2020V is ONVIF Profile S compliant allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other devices in the security network system. It is also compliant with enhanced security networks including HTTPS, SNMPv3, IEEE802.1X, providing you with a secure connection.

Dynamic map live streaming

Photos and map images can be used to overlap the detection area for better situational awareness. Either “Scan area” or “object position” can be sent to ONVIF compliant software/devices when an alarm occurs.

Certification Required


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling

Key Features

  • Analytics recognising moving object’s size, location and distance from the unit
  • Built-in FHD camera with IR LED for alarm verification
  • Short-range 20x20m, customisable vertical or horizontal detection
  • up to 8 detection zones with configurable sensitivity, target size and output


If you are interested in getting Installation training and certification for Redscan, please email tech-support@optex-europe.com with the following information:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Company Name
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Email
  6. Project Name

Optex will send invite to online training for each technician provided (training is free, no limit on number of people getting trained)

A large selection of our intrusion detection sensors can be custom painted, including our LiDAR range, our short range outdoor PIRs and dual tech sensors such as the BX, VX and WX series. Some of our sensors though, like our IR beams and beam towers cannot be customised as the housing has been treated with special UV resistant material and the properties of the material would be affected by any coating. It is recommended that you check with your distributor or directly with OPTEX whether your sensor is suitable for customised painting.

What do we mean by customised painting ?

Customising the sensor means the body of the detector will be coated with either a single colour or with a pattern simulating the background surface where the sensor will be installed. Any colour variation and many design options can be achieved: the coating can replicate a wood texture, foliage, marble or natural stone, metal, carbon fibre and many more.

Can all the parts of the sensors be coated?

The plastic housing can, but some parts might not be suitable for custom paint, usually the parts next to the lens which are made of a different material

When can a customisation be done?

The customisation is only available to newly purchased sensors and requires on average 10 working days. Once you have selected the right sensors suitable for your protection needs you should analyse the precise locations where they will be installed in order to establish what will be the background like. At this stage share with our team the RAL code for the colour or a high res image of the background where the sensor will be installed. The process of customisation is arranged by OPTEX.


We strongly recommend that you don’t try customising the sensors yourself; applying spray paint will not work, it will damage the sensor and it will invalidate the warranty. The cost for the customisation of the sensor varies based on order and type of sensor. Contact our sales team to find out more and discuss your needs.


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