Optex redscan pro rls50100v rls3060v

Product Details

Part of the ONVIF profile S compliant REDSCAN Pro Series, RLS-50100V is the long-range LiDAR sensor providing very accurate detection of intruders and moving objects within a range of 50 m x 100 m, without any gaps and keeping the same detection resolution in the near and far. Equipped with OPTEX's most advanced technology it provides excellent detection performance not affected by variable lighting, temperature or environmental changes, making it the best solution for high security sites.

Achieve more with just one sensor

RLS-50100V provides 50 x 100 m, 190 degree detection allowing to protect wide areas, with just one sensor. The detection area can be divided in up to 8 independent zones, and for each of them the object target size, sensitivity and output can be customised. It gives great flexibility to adapt the settings depending on the zones location and level of threat. For instance one detection zone can be set to detect people, while another is set to detect vehicles, or one zones can be set as pre-warning and another as immediate security alert.

The REDSCAN PRO's detection range and versality enables to achieve what is usually done by multiple sensors.

In addition the sensor has a built-in camera which can record on the device, alarm events and save both logs and pre-post event photos and videos, to be used as additional support to review what triggered the alarm and make any adjustments necessary to the settings.

Intelligent and weather resistant device

With onboard analytics, REDSCAN Pro can analyse the size, the speed and the distance of the moving objects, providing point detection by tracking the X & Y coordinates of the moving objects. A further advantage of LiDAR technology is that the detection performance is stable at any time without being affected by variable lighting or temperature. RLS-50100V provides a high detection resolution of 0.125 degrees.

RLS-50100V features environmental resistance function to reduce false alarms due to harsh environments like fog or snow. An Auto Area Adjustment function allows Redscan Pro to continuously adjust the detection area to take into consideration changes happening on ground such as accumulation of snow or leaves. The sensor can operate from -20 to +60 degrees and when using a heated lens can extend its operating temperature to -40 degree.

Connectivity and interoperability

The RLS-50100V LiDAR is an ONVIF profile S compliant sensor allowing it to send alarm outputs via the ONVIF protocol to any ONVIF compliant networked video system or IP network devices.The video stream of the assistance camera could also be provided to the Video Management Software platform via the ONVIF RTSP protocol. To assure a secure network communication, the REDSCAN Pro is compliant with HTTPS, SNMPv3, IEEE802.1X protocols.

Easy installation and maintenance

REDSCAN Pro is equipped with built-in assistance camera which simplifies installation and walk test. Through a laser line overlay on the camera view, it provides a very useful visual guidance on where the detection area is on scene, allowing to adjust the angle of detection of the sensor. RLS-50100V features a built-in adjustment bracket within its housing to allow a tilt of -5 degree to 95 degree and a side adjustment is -/+ 5 degree.

Horizontal, vertical and tilted mounting options can all be achieved without the need of an additional bracket. The configuration settings is done via web browser which allows an easy remote access. The settings can be copied from one device to another, providing they are the same model (from one RLS-50100V to another RLS-50100V).


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • House

Key Features

  • Analytics recognising moving object’s size, speed and distance from the unit
  • Long-range, 50x100m, customisable vertical or horizontal detection
  • Built-in assistance camera, for easy installation and alarm event review
  • up to 8 detection zones with configurable sensitivity, target size and output


Normally operating temperature of Redscan Pro is -20 to +60 degree. With the optional accessory RLS-LWVH, heated lens, it can operate in very cold environments down to -40 degree thanks to a transparent conductive film heater. Please note that when using the Heated lens up to level 3 (-30 degree) it can be powered over PoE+, at level 4 to defrost the lens at -40 degree, the REDSCAN PRO will require to be an external DC power supply.

There is no maximum height, the REDSCAN Pro can be mounted up high on a building to protect the walls, façade and windows. Please note the length of detection will be as specified in the detection range. Please note in vertical mode, the sensor head should point down to the ground.

For vertical detection the minimum mounting height for Redscan Pro if 4 metres from the ground when mounted outdoors and 2 metres when it is mounted indoors.

For horizontal detection, it all depends on the applications, if the aim is to detect people walking on the ground or flat roofs, it should be mounted to capture between hip and shoulder.

Yes it is, but please note the detection pattern for each REDSCAN Pro is in rectangle so it would create a 100m x 100m square (RLS-50100V) and 60m x 60m (RLS-3060V) and not a circular detection area.

This function is used to reduce false alarms in harsh environments such as fog, snow, etc. There are three possible modes: Enabled, Enhanced, and Disabled.

  • Enabled means false alarms are reduced in foggy conditions and can achieve a well-balanced detection capability.​
  • Enhanced mode is used to reduce false alarms, in the case of heavy fog or snow. But, the response time in generating the alarms will be longer. ​
  • Disable mode is for applications that require a quick response (eg: PTZ camera control) and less harsh conditions.

Environmental Disqualification (D.Q.) output will be activated in case of extreme weather conditions. OPTEX strongly recommends Redscan users to monitor DQ output for reliable operation.​


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