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Product Details

The SL-200TNR is a 60m outdoor battery-powered active beam ideal to protect driveways, open areas and small perimeters. The dual beam set offers a lot of flexibility in terms of power options including using universal CR123 batteries and using a hybrid configuration partly wired, partly wireless.

Battery optionsHybrid option The flexibility of wireless
The SL-TNR series is designed to work with D size lithium batteries but also with universal CR123 batteries when using optional battery-holders (CRH-5). When using universal batteries, a total of two CRH-5 and 16 CR123 batteries are required and the operation should last up to one year. The batteries are located at the front of the beam making it very easy to access and replace. The batteries are not provided with the beams and need to be purchased separately. There are instances where the receiver is located close to the main power source but the transmitter is in a location inconvenient to wire.
For those applications, we are offering the option to hardwire the transmitter by using an optional power converter PCU-5 which will fit nicely inside the beam.
The SL-TNR infrared beams feature a back box that can accommodate most wireless transmitters available on the market making it easy to extend a wireless alarm system to the boundary of the premises.
By using the optional BCU-5, the battery power can be shared between the beams and the wireless transmitter.


  • Perimeter
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • Garden
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • 60m Twin beams with high grade aspherical lenses
  • Option to use CR123 batteries or to be partly hardwired with accessories
  • Quick and easy battery replacement
  • IP65 weather protection and anti-frost design