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Product Details

The SL-350QNR is a 100m battery-powered outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam set which is designed for perimeter security. The Quad beam set is completely wire free and can be quickly installed in remote or hard-to-wire areas. Please note the LSH-20 batteries are sold separately.


The SL-350QNRs wireless-ready, battery operated photoelectric detector is designed to work with most manufacturer`s wireless transmitters, and the back box has enough space to accommodate them. They are easy deployable and adaptable to any control systems currently installed.

Featuring the sniper viewfinder

False alarms would be reduced if we can make perfect alignment at the first step. The SL-350 QNRs telescopic lens has a high level of visibility for optical alignment work. Even when it is the long distance, it can make perfect installation in short period and ensure stable performance. The actual performance of product is highly dependent on not only product quality but also installation quality.

Key Features

  • Low installation costs
  • 100m wireless Quad beams set
  • Accommodates most wireless transmitters
  • Weather protection


Yes, all our external beams include pole mounting kits as standard.

The key success of a reliable active infrared intrusion system relies on the accuracy of the beam or beam tower alignment. If the transmitting ‘beams’ and the receiving ‘beams’ are not well aligned, there is a risk of severe environmental interference from fog and sunlight, even more so if the beams are 100m or 200m apart.

When installing beam towers around a perimeter there is the tendency to think that the towers should be at a 90 degree angle from each other. Actually, a 90 degree angle can restrict the view for the signal due to the tower extrusion lip. Our technical team recommends mounting the beam towers at a 45 degree angle on the ground, this allows the beam mounted inside the tower a clear view and gives the installer some flexibility for alignment.

If you are using a floor mount enclosure, the same principle applies: you should dig a 45 degree angled square in the ground to install the ground bracket. For a more efficient method, our tech team highly recommends using theTW SSL an adjustable mounting plate specifically designed for our Smart Line Beam series. The Smart Line beam can be fixed on to the TW SSL then the plate can be clipped in to the beam tower. Using this method, alignment can be easily facilitated by simply adjusting the plate up or down in the grooves to set it at the right height.

The beams can operate between 10.5vDC to 30vDC. When connecting to an intruder system, 12vDC will be sufficient. If however, you’re using a heater unit (HU-3) you will need a 24vDC supply. Our wireless beams will need 2 or 4 3.6v lithium batteries.


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