Optex Bx Shield Battery Operated Models Bi Colour 165Px Visual

Product details

The BX Shield is a series of curtain outdoor motion sensors with up to 12m detection range on each side. Ideal to detect people in the immediate boundary of your home or office building, the outdoor detectors feature four PIRs, two on each side. The left and right detection area can be set up completely independently from each other. The BXS-RAM is the wireless bi-colour model with anti-masking.

Independent left/ right motion detection
and CCTV connection
Versatile design Four PIRs in one sensor for best reliability
The outdoor motion sensor’s detection range, sensibility and alarm output can be set independently on the left and the right. The detection distance can easily be set at 2.5m, 3.5m, 6m, 8.5m to 12m on each side, the sensitivity can be set from low to extremely high, detecting only 1 degree Celsius temperature difference. The BX Shield can be easily connected to a fixed dome CCTV camera to send visual alarm when people are entering in the immediate boundary of the premises. The BX Shield curtain sensor has been designed with the user in mind. A 90 degree unlocking system allows easy access to the settings area, a spirit level help fixing the sensor straight. A black and silver face covers are available as option making the look of the outdoor curtain sensor easy to blend with its environment. Why two PIR in each side ? to make sure we offer the best performance needed in outdoor environment. On each side, the BX Shield motion sensor features two passive infrared beams one pointing towards the floor and one pointing away from the sensor, both beams need to trigger to confirm the detection: this system allows to ignore small to middle size dog animals and detect only people.


  • Gebouwen
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Huis


Het verbinden van onze draadloze PIR-buitendetectoren op een alarmsysteem is makkelijk. Door het lage verbruik kunnen de sensor en transmitter via dezelfde batterijen gebruikt worden. Klik hier voor de video tutorial om de draadloze transmitter te installeren.

Alle sensoren van de BX-serie moeten geïnstalleerd worden op een hoogte tussen 0,8 en 1,2 meter. De sensor presteert het best op een hoogte van 0,90 tot 1 meter.

Ja, dit kan versteld worden door het verstellen van de positie van de lens.


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