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Product Details

The BX Shield series is a range of curtain outdoor motion sensors with up to 12 meters of detection on each side. The BX Shield is ideal for detecting people in the immediate boundary of your home or office building. They feature four PIRs, two on each side. For total control the left and right detection areas can be set up completely independently from each other. The BXS-RAM is the wireless model with anti-masking.

Independent left/ right motion detection and CCTV connection

The BX Shields detection range, sensitivity and alarm output can be set independently on the left and the right. Detection distance can be set at 2.5m, 3.5m, 6m, 8.5m to 12m on each side. The sensitivity can be set from low to extremely high, with the ability to detect only a 1 degree Celsius temperature difference. The sensor can be easily connected to a fixed or PTZ CCTV camera to send visual alarms when people are seen entering in the immediate boundary of the premises without authorisation.

Versatile design

The BX Shield series has been designed with the installer in mind. A 90 degree unlocking system allows easy access to the settings area, a spirit level aids fixing the sensor straight and important areas are colour coded in blue. Black and silver face covers are available as an option, making the look of this outdoor sensor very easy to blend with its environment.

Four PIRs in one sensor for best reliability

Why two PIR on each side ? To make sure we offer the best performance needed in outdoor environment. On each side, the BX Shield motion sensor features two passive infrared beams one pointing towards the floor and one pointing away from the sensor, both beams need to trigger to confirm the detection: this system allows to ignore small to middle size dog animals and detect only people.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • Wireless curtain PIR up to 12m per side with anti-masking
  • Completely independent detection setting per side
  • Versatile and easy-to-install design
  • Not affected by environment or small animals


Adding our outdoor PIRs onto a wireless intrusion alarm system is simple. Our battery-operated sensors have enough space to accommodate most universal transmitters. As our sensors are very low current, the transmitter and sensor can be powered by the same batteries. A video was created to show you how to install the wireless transmitter. Watch our video tutorial.

Yes, it can be adjusted by modifying each lens’ position.

The installation height is 0.80m to 1.2 m. This is applicable to all of the BX series units. In order to get the best result, install the detector from 0.09 to 1m high.

Yes, you can do it. The box contains masking tapes. Consult the installation manual for more details.

Power up the sensor as normal and close the cover. When the cover is on, an automatic walk-test function is enabled. After 3 minutes, the sensor will flash quickly for 5 seconds to indicate that the walk test is going to expire.


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