Optex vxi cmod module 250x165

Product Details

The VXI-CMOD is a wireless HD camera module with 180° panoramic angle and night vision that easily integrates with VX Infinity outdoor sensors to create a complete intruder detector with visual verification. VXI-CMOD can be retro-fitted onto any existing wired VXI models (VXI-ST, VXI-AM, VXI-DAM), fitting snugly on top. When the sensor detects an intruder, the integrated camera module is activated: it records the event and sends a notification through an app called “OPTEX Vision” to the paired mobile phone(s). The must-have accessory to your VX Infinity sensor, VXI-CMOD takes outdoor detection to another level.

Discover VXI-CMOD product benefits

A simple security system without control panel

VXI and VXI-CMOD provides a visual verification solution which doesn't require connection to an alarm panel and where security can conveniently be monitored from a smartphone application, OPTEX Vision App. Via the App push notifications can be enabled or disabled and several users can simultaneously access the live view and stored videos as well as share the recordings.

Verify if it is really an intrusion

Through the App the owner(s) will be immediately notified and can access the live camera view and a 30 second video (2 seconds pre-alarm and 28 seconds post-alarm) to determine if its a real intrusion. Through the App users can also enable/ disable the audio to listen in and get more information.

Be notified only when it matters

VXI-CMOD is led by OPTEX's best-selling outdoor intrusion sensor, VX Infinity, providing very reliable detection. The sensor features sensing analytics and is pet tolerant so you are not bothered by nuisance false alarms every time it rains or pets are out in the garden.

Vxi cmod image solution