Vxi 250x165

Product Details

The VXI series is our best selling outdoor intrusion detection sensor range. It provides a very reliable approach detection with a range of up to 12m for residential and commercial applications. The sensor which should be mounted at ca 1.2m height includes two PIRs providing a double layered detection area, the sensor will only trigger when both layers are activated. The VXI sensors feature digital analysis to exclude causes of false alarm, they are weather resistant (IP55 rated) and have double conductive shielding to reduce the impact of sunlight . The VXI-AM is the hardwired model with antimasking.

Digital analysis for enhanced reliabilityFlexible detection coverage
The VXI sensors features a digital microprocessor which analyses the infrared emissions received and differentiate the ones generated by human from the ones generated by sunlight, animals, vegetation sway, or weather conditions. This intelligence makes the risk of false alarm very low. The detection length of the VXI sensors can be set to 12m, 8.5m, 6m, 5.5m or 2.5m to adapt to the site configuration. The sensor comes as well with a choice of pre-cut masking templates to modify the detection areas and only focus on the points of interest.

Upgrade your VXI sensor with VXI-CMOD to create a complete visual verification solution

  • 1080P HD camera with night vision
  • 180 degree panoramic view
  • Pre and post alarm recording
  • Built-in microphone for optional audio
  • Monitor different premises from just one App


  • Buildings
  • Approach
  • House
  • Garage
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • 12m PIR for approach detection
  • Animal tolerance and digital analysis
  • End of line resistors option
  • Active infrared antimasking


The detection length can be adjusted to 12m, 8.5m, 6m, 5.5m or 2.5 metres. The VXI will also come with pre-cut masking templates to focus on a particular section of the detection area.

It is important to make sure the VXI is mounted correctly between 0.8 and 1.2 metres because if it is mounted lower or higher than this, it will not detect reliably or accurately. When the mounting process is complete, the lower pyro can then be adjusted between settings 1 to 5 in order to match the required detection area. The sensor range can be adjusted between 2.5 and 12 metres.

It is important to note that each installation is unique, so when you install a detector you need to walk test it to confirm it is detecting where it is supposed to be. Remember to replace the lens before walk testing or you will not achieve the full range.

The maximum detection area of the VXI is a 90 degree detection angle covering 12 metres. The VXI detector comes complete with a set of masking seals, each of which have pre-configured templates. The masking seals work well in tight environments where the standard detection area is too large. By selecting and fixing the correct seal for the environment, the VXI will no longer alarm on areas which could cause nuisance alarms such as public walkways.


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