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The ViiK OVS-01CC is a microwave sensor using dual detection technologies : Doppler shift and FMCW (Frequency-modulated-continuous-wave ) designed for counting moving vehicles in single lane applications. Mounted above the ground, the vehicle detector will count vehicles within a range of 8m, travelling at a speed from 2 to 60km/h. In many cases, it can replace a ground loop sensor.

Installation with no ground workFits many counting cars applicationsReliable detection in harsh conditions
The ViiK vehicle sensor detects small and large vehicles within a 8m range without using any in-ground device. There is no need for civil engineering work, making the installation non disruptive, speedy and an ideal replacement to induction loop. It can be installed and calibrated with a choice of five sensitivity settings within 30minThere is a growing need for counting vehicles: open retail parks and service stations want to know the occupancy and peak pick times of their car parks; towns and transport authorities want to improve their traffic management system and therefor measure the number of vehicles on theirs streets. If the sites lay-out is based on single lanes, the OVS-01CC vehicle counter will be a very good fitThe OVS-01CC has been designed to cope with harsh weather conditions. Its operating temperature ranges from -30 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, its housing is IP65 rated. It detection performance will not be affected by changes in lighting conditions or weather conditions.

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