Security and Smart building solutions for commercial sites

OPTEX sensing solutions are deployed in thousands of commercial sites worldwide, acting as an integral part of their security solutions and/or building management systems. We offer a wide range of leading external and internal intrusion detection systems, as well as infrared and white light LED illuminators provided by sister company, Raytec. Our industrial and automatic door sensors, vehicle sensors and people counter provide an efficient way of controlling site access for vehicles and people.

Commercial Perimeter Security

Detect intruders early to keep premises secure

Perimeter protection is the first line of defence and a key element of any security system, whether it’s an industrial park, a bank or a museum. As with any intrusion, time is critical and the earlier the intruder is detected, the more chance there is to prevent any damage or theft. OPTEX’s highly reliable and accurate sensors can detect unauthorised access into the perimeter and trigger the right security response.

Many commercial sites such as industrial parks, car dealerships etc have an open perimeter with no physical barriers. In this case, a range of security technologies can be utilised to create a virtual perimeter to allow easy access into the building during opening hours and warn if anyone is approaching at night or while the business is closed.

This can be achieved with infrared beams (IR) or pre-built beam towers installed around the perimeter and programmed based on working hours. IR beams are available as wireless models for sites not suitable for a hard-wired system, reducing installation costs and providing a very flexible solution to protect areas up to a range of 100m.

REDSCAN LiDAR technology is another solution for open perimeters capable of creating a customisable invisible virtual wall up to a range of 100m with just one sensor.

If a site is surrounded by a perimeter fence or wall, any attempted breach should be detected and reported. Fibre optic sensors can be mounted on a fence to detect people cutting through it, climbing over or crawling under it. Alternatively, a LiDAR virtual wall and IR point-to-point system can be deployed.

Commercial Approach Security

Detect and track unauthorised approaches

External intrusion detection plays a crucial role in deterring unwanted intruders. OPTEX volumetric sensors and Raytec LED lighting provide highly reliable detection which enable video surveillance systems to track the intruders and follow their movements around the site, allowing a clear assessment of the situation and an appropriate response to be determined by onsite or remote security personnel.

Office buildings, industrial units and other commercial sites commonly use CCTV systems to monitor activity onsite. However, CCTV systems alone can be affected by poor or variable lighting, and weather conditions. OPTEX’s series of Redwall SIP external sensors help overcome this issue. They have been specifically designed to work in conjunction with CCTV. They detect intrusion and provide a reliable trigger to the video security system by guiding cameras to track the intruders whatever the lighting and weather conditions.

SIP sensors provide long-range volumetric detection, ranging from 30x20m to 50x30m and 100x3m coverage to protect alleyways alongside buildings or wide and open areas. This makes them the ideal solution for monitoring car parks, storage yards, construction sites and the surroundings of commercial buildings.

Shorter range external detection sensors are ideal for smaller areas or to cover gaps between long range areas. OPTEX WXI and WXS series both offer 180-degree coverage up to 24m, with independent detection zones and settings for the left and right areas. Additionally, our high-mount HX series provide 85-degree coverage up to 12m or 24m, making them ideal for protecting long, narrow areas.

Commercial Building and Roof Protection

Protect people, facilities and assets

Commercial buildings can be subject to many different threats, including theft and damage to equipment and the building itself, but also the threat of people accessing unauthorised areas. OPTEX’s range of intrusion detectors can protect every access point to the building, from windows, balconies, back entrances and even rooftops.

To protect the immediate boundary of the building, outdoor curtain detectors create a narrow virtual detection area that will generate an alarm if a person gets too close to the wall, window or door.

Using active IR beams, a virtual perimeter line can be created on top of handrails in balconies to detect people climbing over them.

For high security commercial buildings or façade protection, a virtual laser wall can be created by utilising REDSCAN LiDAR technology. The multi award-winning laser wall creates a high-resolution detection area than can be fully customised where the size and speed of an object/person in the detection area can be analysed. Our REDSCAN Pro LiDAR sensor can provide up to 50x100m detection area, and when mounted horizontally, REDSCAN sensors can protect roofs and skylights which are often used as a point of intrusion.

Above Ground Vehicle Detection

Efficient gate activation for approaching or stationary vehicles

Where vehicle access into commercial sites needs to be controlled, automatic gates and barriers are essential for an integrated security system. OPTEX vehicle detectors use both microwave and ultrasonic detection to accurately detect vehicles and distinguish between people and transport. Crucially, they can be installed above ground without the need for major works, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

OPTEX vehicle detectors can detect vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20 km/h, enabling to open the gate when they are approaching it or if they are stationary within the detection area. The installation of the vehicle sensors is one of the great advantages of the OPTEX solution as they do not require a loop buried in the ground to be connected to the device, which makes the installation quick and easy, removing the time consuming task of cutting the road surface necessary to install a ground loop.

Commercial Smart Building Solutions

Efficient and sustainable buildings

A smart building contributes to the comfort of both visitors and employees, as well as having a positive impact on sustainability. OPTEX smart building solutions include safety and activation solutions for automatic doors, and people counting solutions to control people flow and efficiently manage lighting, air-conditioning and more.

OPTEX entrance detection systems include automatic door sensors for swing, sliding and revolving doors, enabling safe entry and exit into the building. With a slim and compact design, the sensors can be installed quickly and easily. Our new generation of sliding door sensors will analyse travel direction and ignore the people walking along the door, preventing the door from opening unnecessarily, and therefore contributing to a far more energy efficient building.

To monitor the number of people entering and exiting the building, our real time people counter can be deployed and connected to existing building management systems. It can also be used to calculate occupancy levels. Mounted by doors and integrated with reporting software, the sensors provide accurate information on the number of people entering and exiting a building. They can also help companies better understand people flow throughout the building and use this to data to make more efficient use of resources. For example, switching lights off in rooms or areas where there are no people, or only using heating or air conditioning in rooms which are in use.