28 February 2017

Data centres are home to sensitive data and the highest level of security is required to protect them. However, how can you prevent people that have valid access to one data rack tampering with an adjacent rack? There are instances where the ceiling or floor voids have been used to secrete storage devices or access the data networks. Axis Communications and OPTEX have partnered to develop a solution that prevents unauthorised access, and it is being presented as part of the live ‘Green Data Centre’ featured at Data Centre World, in London, 15th – 16th March.

OPTEX’s laser sensor, which is ideal for detecting intruders in dark, narrow and awkward spaces such as flat roofs, false ceilings, floor voids and gaps between data centre racks, communicates triggered alarms directly to Axis cameras via ACAP (Axis Camera Application) integration. Through this a camera is directed to ‘look at’ the area of intrusion, and it sends an alarm to the security system. Additionally, Axis’ access control solution provides the programming for access to the room, as well as the data rack locks – as soon as the room or the rack door is open the Axis cameras in the room or bullet cameras in the rack record all events and trigger an alarm in case of incidents.

You can find more information about the OPTEX-Axis ACAP integration here.