Protect your store from theft and vandalism, and improve efficiencies by understanding people and vehicle flow

Shops and businesses face multiple challenges, from security to managing in-store resources including staff. In the current climate, that also means managing social distancing and controlling people flow. OPTEX provides a number of solutions for retail: from outdoor and indoor security solutions to protect the facilities and goods, to people counting and vehicle detection to improve customer experience and business performance.

Use the reliability of our sensors to trigger your security system, whether it is an alarm panel, CCTV or fogging system.

Retail outdoor security

Deter and detect people trying to break into your store

Retail outlets and stores of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to attempted break ins, theft and vandalism, especially in the evening or outside opening hours. Units located in more remote areas or on large industrial estates are also particularly vulnerable. While indoor sensors will detect an intruder inside your premises, there are clear benefits of adding outdoor sensors to protect your ‘perimeter’. Advanced outdoor protection means intruders will be detected before they access the store, enabling lights and CCTV cameras to be triggered, launching an audio warning or alerting security staff, in many cases preventing an incident before it occurs.

Keep your business safe with OPTEX FTN, BXS and WXI Series

Most retail units are located in free access areas where people can walk next to the building. What we describe as ‘curtain sensors’ are an ideal solution as they will only detect people in the immediate proximity of the building. They are not affected by light so provide accurate intrusion detection even in areas which are poorly lit, as is the case for many retail outlets. Tolerant to false alarms generated by the weather or small animals, they can be added to existing or new intrusion alarm/CCTV systems to deliver another layer of protection.

During working hours, it is important to monitor exit and fire doors to prevent unauthorised access. This can be achieved again through a curtain sensor.

Unsecured roofs are also vulnerable to illegal entry which criminals can access from an adjoining building and using skylights or side windows to get in unseen. Volumetric PIRs are available in multiple ranges for the protection of flat roofs.

OPTEX intrusion detection sensors are available in hardwired and wireless models. Wireless detectors provide considerable versatility as they can be installed wherever they are needed and help to bring down the total cost of installation.

Retail high security outdoor protection

Detect intruders with high precision to protect your business and assets

Retail units or businesses storing highly-valuable assets may require a higher level of protection against intrusion, or a solution with a higher level of customisation. Using sophisticated laser technology, OPTEX can create an invisible wall or plane to keep the detection area very close to the building. This is particularly useful when the building is located in public areas. The sensors can discern genuine intrusions and guide cameras so they can point to the exact location where the intruder or object is detected and track across zones, assisting in a faster response by the security staff.

Benefits and applications of LiDAR technology for outdoor retail protection

OPTEX’s laser security solutions can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, creating virtual walls over the store façade, or a virtual ceiling to cover store flat roofs and skylight access.

Within the detection area, different zones can be created for different alarm outputs so you can establish specific security protocols. For instance, a pre-warning zone can be created by the main entrance (which customers might approach innocently to check opening times), or a high threat zone by the back office or storage area where a break-in is more likely to be a threat.

Unlike cameras, LiDAR technology does not depend on an external light source and hence its detection will not be confused by darkness or if it is exposed to bright sunlight.

Retail indoor security

Quickly detect intrusions in your store

Outdoor security can help alert you before the break in has actually happened, but is no substitute to indoor store security. Presence detection sensors can be placed in the main store commercial space, in the storage/warehouse area or in the back office to trigger the alarm if human movement is detected outside of normal opening hours. The sensors can be part of the wider retail security system which can also include cameras, sirens or door locks.

Retail indoor security solutions

Using just a single ceiling mount sensor, you can protect most, if not all of your store. The sleek and compact design of OPTEX ceiling sensors fits discretely in any retail space and the hard-spherical lens, designed with precision, ensures full coverage with absolutely no dead spots within the 360-degree detection area.

For security in corner spaces, corridors and closed areas of the store there is a wide choice of Grade 2 and Grade 3 sensors, all designed to provide extra stability and discriminate most common causes of false alarms such as changes in temperature or insects on the lens.

Vehicle counting

Improve retail car park efficiencies and customer service with accurate vehicle detection

Managing parking efficiently is essential to provide a smooth shopping experience and contribute to a greater footfall into shopping centres and retail outlets. The car park is often where the customer’s experience starts and ends and if it’s a good one, it will surely contribute to the customers returning and buying again.

Beyond customer service, car and vehicle detection can help retail managers to measure the number of customers versus the number of cars, and better understand user habits. This in turn can influence in-store events and promotions.

OPTEX vehicle detectors OVS Series provides accurate detection of approaching or stationary vehicles, and detects cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes. They can be integrated with smart parking management systems to advise customers if there are available spaces in the car park, trigger warning or information signs and open gates. The sensors can be installed indoor and outdoor and are surface-mounted simplifying the installation as there is no civil engineering work required.

Retail social distancing solution

Manage people flow and support social distancing

Since the start of the pandemic, retail managers have had an important role controlling the occupancy level of their stores in order to support social distancing indoors. There are a number of ways that people flow can be managed, from allocating dedicated staff to keep control by the entrance, to intelligent automated solutions which can accurately count people in and out, and can be integrated with display monitors or audio warnings to instantly inform of the people count and monitor the traffic of customers into the store.

Social distancing and real time occupancy level

OPTEX people counter Akribos, featuring MQTT protocol, enables data to be communicated in real time and for the people count to be instantaneously updated – a crucial factor in the live monitoring of people flow. Several social distancing solutions have been developed using our real time people counter. More details on these solutions can be found on our integration pages.

Retail people counting solutions

Improve store efficiency by better understanding customer behaviour

It is key for retailers to measure their conversation rate – the number of people visiting the shop compared to those purchasing an item. This ratio is especially important in assessing the effectiveness of promotions and, all-in all, on the performance of the store.

Shopping centres rely on people counting solutions to measure the number of visitors in total and how many walked past which store. This is key data to help calculate the value of the rental property for each store.

OPTEX people counters provides real time, accurate (up to 98%) and multidirectional data, can analyse busy areas and track complex movements. When used in conjunction with our analytics software partners, the Akribos footfall counter is a solution that provides shop managers with clear reports and a dashboard on customers’ flow and behaviour which allows them to improve staff management and measure business performance.