Protecting the home against intrusion starts outside

Keep homes and families safe by detecting intrusions before they happen

To deter home burglaries and vehicle theft, it is important to detect intruders early, before they can access a property or do any damage. Homes, garages and even driveways will be better protected if intruders are detected before they enter the area. OPTEX offers proven indoor and outdoor intrusion detection solutions with sensors specifically designed to ignore small animals. They can sustain all kinds of weather conditions and detect people approaching or crossing an area.

The motion and presence sensors can be connected to wired or wireless intrusion alarm panels to trigger alarms, audio systems, CCTV systems, or release a recorded/live voice message so intrusions are deterred, visually verified and responded to appropriately.

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The Importance and Benefits of High-Tech Home Security Systems

If you ask anyone what matters most to them, family, peace of mind and home would be at the top of most lists. Keeping these ultimate treasures safe is a high priority for any homeowner. Increasing economic pressures are leading criminals to target otherwise safe neighbourhoods, looking for unprotected homes to steal from.

That's why smart home security systems and smart locks have exploded in popularity in recent times. But a doorbell with a security camera built into it can only do so much to protect you. If you want to close the gaps in your home security infrastructure left by basic home security systems, you need advanced home security systems.

Groundbreaking PIR Home Security Systems & Other Advanced Security Technology

Some of our most popular home security solutions use passive infrared (PIR) sensors, including our innovative Blue range of products. The Blue range integrates our exclusive Super Multi-Dimensional Analysis (SMDA) intelligent logic, our most advanced digital intrusion detection analytics system. SMDA incorporates cutting-edge temperature compensation to maintain performance and prevent false alarms, on top of market-leading intrusion detection sensitivity and precision.

Our sensors create invisible shields around and in your home, detecting intruders that enter set zones, whether that's near or on top of a fence/gate/wall/roof or elsewhere. They are not held back by dependence on lighting conditions and field of view like simpler systems.

Our advanced home security solutions provide accurate object detection, complete with market-leading real-time analytics and high-security encryption. They trigger preset responses when intruders are detected. The difference is rather than a smashed window or phone notification of intrusion waking your family up, your security system can automatically activate deterrent lights or sound recordings, and deploy security teams or other precautions.

We utilise various other sensing technologies in our high-tech home security systems, but they all serve a similar purpose; our solutions aim to make it so intrusions do not escalate to threatening levels. If an intruder tries to break into a home protected by our systems, our aim is for them to be deterred or dealt with while you sleep soundly.

Our most popular home intrusion detection sensors for "curtain detection" (to protect doors, windows and balconies) include the BX Shield Series, VX Infinity Series and FTN Series. Our most popular general outdoor intrusion detection sensors are the Smart Line Series and VX Shield Series. For advanced indoor intrusion detection for your home, our new FlipX series is the best on the market.

Related Solutions

We provide solutions in many other areas and industries. Discover the most relevant two areas below, and if you need help with anything else, feel free to contact us. Our technology has applications in diverse areas, from buildings to tunnels, and from industrial or commercial to residential applications.

Security systems for larger homes

We have similar technologies available for mansions, manors and larger homes. Generally, the larger the home, and the higher the value of the property, the greater the risk of intrusion. The safety of every family is our priority, however large or small your home may be.

See how our solutions make any home more secure, from stately manors to apartments. If you want to install our technology and are ready to make an enquiry, contact our experts to get started.

Solutions for Larger Homes

Security systems and more for commercial sites

If you're looking for advanced home security systems, you may also be interested in our advanced business security systems. We'll keep you, your people, property and assets safe, at home or the office.

Whatever your business, we have technology available that will increase its efficiency and security. If you're looking to install our technology and are ready to make an enquiry, contact our experts to get started.

Commercial security systems

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Garden security

Protect the approach to your house and the valuables in the garden

Accessing a property through the back garden or patio is a method commonly used by intruders to help ensure they remain out of sight from passers-by and residents. Gardens are not only an access point to the house, they can also have sheds, bicycles and furniture worth protecting.

While fences and walls surrounding the property represent a physical barrier, they are not always enough to protect against intrusion. Adding outdoor intrusion detection systems to your home and garden security, however, protects the perimeter and allows the early and accurate detection of any trespassers, giving time to react and deter any theft or break-in.

OPTEX sensors keep your garden and its belongings safe from burglars and unwanted intruders.

OPTEX residential outdoor sensors are designed to perform in any weather conditions and to ignore small animals. Sensors are not influenced by light and will give you stable detection of any intrusions, day or night. They can trigger lights and cameras for visual verification, launch an audio warning and notify the owners/tenants or the monitoring station, considerably reducing the risk of a break-in.

Our home intrusion detection sensors are available in wired and wireless models and can be added to existing or new intrusion alarms or CCTV systems. A combination of detectors can provide the most complete and reliable security for your garden and shed. Infrared beams can enhance the security of a fence or wall, and protect the boundary. Low- and high-mount volumetric PIRs provide wide-angle protection giving you the flexibility to protect different spaces, whether open gardens or busy patios.

House front security

Detect and deter people trying to break in through the front door

With many intrusion alarm systems, physical contacts are used in doors and windows to trigger an alarm if someone attempts to force them open when the system is armed. It means the alarm goes off when the intruder is already inside, which is of little use; he or she could still have time to steal car keys, wallets or other valuable possessions before running away.

By using external sensors and protecting the access to the building, the intruder will be detected while still outside the house, giving the homeowner more time to react and prevent the break-in.

Sensors to detect and deter people trying to force your front door or window open

Windows and patio doors on the ground floor or a low first floor provide an easy way to gain entry, especially during summer months when it’s easy to forget they have been left open. Curtain motion detection sensors can protect the whole house façade reliably, alerting if an intruder is standing by the door, looking through a window, or leaning against the wall. Sensors can activate lights, a siren, and CCTV cameras or send a signal to security guards, helping to deter intruders and keep your home and family safe.

OPTEX home intrusion detection sensors have the intelligence to ignore smaller animals such as dogs, cats and foxes. They can adapt to the environment providing reliable intrusion detection even in locations prone to weather or temperature changes, or false alarms caused by swinging branches or shadows.

Driveway protection

A secure driveway prevents theft of your vehicles and protects your home

Installing intrusion detection sensors in the driveway is the best way to protect a car, motorbike or other valuables stored in your garage. Frequently, driveways are also the main access point to the house and detecting an intrusion at that point can help deter the intruder before he or she has reached the house.

Driveway security often relies on gates or physical barriers which can delay an intruder but are no substitute for intrusion detection sensors. The sensors can trigger lights and cameras, launch an audio warning and most importantly can raise an alarm to notify the homeowner and/or the security monitoring station when an intruder is trespassing.

Protect the garage and home approach with a secure driveway.

Driveway intrusions generally occur at night as darkness provides the best cover for intruders. Unlike cameras, our high-tech intrusion detection sensors are not affected by the dark and will reliably alert if a person is loitering with the intent of stealing a vehicle or its contents.

OPTEX intrusion detection sensors have the intelligence to ignore smaller animals such as dogs, cats and foxes, and to adapt to the environment providing reliable intrusion detection even in locations prone to weather or temperature changes, moving vegetation or shadows.

Infrared beams can provide early warning of any intruders walking into the perimeter, while volumetric PIRs or dual-technology detectors can be used to keep the approach to the garage and house safe. Curtain detection sensors protect garage doors, building facades and windows, triggering alarms and other responses if someone is trying to access or look through a window.

OPTEX intrusion detection sensors are available in wired and wireless models and can be added to existing and new intrusion alarm or CCTV systems.

Residential indoor security

Reliable detection in the event of a break-in

The earlier an intrusion is detected the better chance it has to be deterred, but in the event of an intruder breaking into the house or apartment, it’s important to have a reliable indoor security system that provides an immediate alert so owners, tenants or security staff can take urgent action.

Indoor sensors can be placed in hallways to alert of an intrusion via the front door, in living rooms, studies, garages, corridors and in any rooms which contain valuables. The home's interior security sensors can be part of a wider security system which can also include cameras, sirens, door locks and more to better protect the home.

For protection at night when the family is asleep, or during the day when the house may be empty, it is important that motion sensors do not trigger for the wrong reasons. OPTEX indoor sensors are designed to provide extra stability and maximum performance, featuring digital Quad Zone logic to distinguish between humans and small animals, such as cats and dogs, or if an insect is on the lens. Our sensors can be added to any alarm panels for ultimate peace of mind.