Keep an eye on your premises and get notified when it matters

OPTEX’s App-based visual verification solution combines an intelligent and reliable outdoor sensor with HD 180 degree Wi-Fi camera connected to your phone and/or third party security equipment, bringing convenience and peace of mind to your home and business security.

Discover VXI-CMOD product benefits

Monitor your security, wherever you are, day and night

Home or business owners can now visually verify the activation of the sensor in real-time using the OPTEX Vision App, allowing the user to take the appropriate action no matter where they are. When the sensor detects an intruder, the camera module is activated: it records the event and sends a notification to the owners’ or carer's paired mobile phone(s). By opening the App, recipients can access the live camera view and the stored recording of the event (2-second pre-alarm and 28-second post-alarm) for verification. Designed with convenience in mind, through the App users can also enable or disable push notifications, optional audio and share the recordings. Through a recent update, the live video can also be streamed to a third party system.

Intelligent detection

The camera is led by a very reliable sensor that will only send a notification when the alarm is genuine meaning a person or vehicle has been detected. The sensor features pet tolerance and sensing analytics so you will not be notified if your pets are in the garden, it's raining, there are insects on the lense or the sun shines. The outdoor sensor and the Wi-Fi camera can be added to an existing alarm panel or be installed as a stand-alone outdoor intrusion detection solution giving home or business owners security surveillance that they can access any time they choose.